周素卿、洪鴻智、薛欣怡、劉玫宜 2023-12 社會影響評估應用於在地滯洪方案之實例分析 地理學報
Phan, T L, S-C Jou and C-J Yang 2023-09 Is it because of climate change? Social-ecological system analysis of wetland protected area in Vietnamese Mekong Delta Wetlands Ecology and Management
Phan, T L, S-C Jou and D V Khanh 2023-09 Reorientation of the community-engaged research in the era of COVID-19: Innovative strategies for adaptive capacity evaluation in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta International Journal of Qualitative Methods
周素卿、盧鏡臣、鄭詠晨、林培安 2023-06 臺北市沿山都市緩衝帶的再自然化及其效益分析 都市與計劃
Mabon, L., Y-W Shih and S-C Jou 2023-03 Integration of knowledge systems in urban farming initiatives: insight from Taipei Garden City Sustainability Science
Chang, I-Chun Catherin, Sue-Ching Jou, Ming-Kung Chung 2022-10 Taipei Smart City: Primary Findings  
Jou, S-C & Y-C Cheng 2022-10 Transforming Interface Spaces for Urban Sustainability in Taipei City: The Role of Landscape Design in Mainstreaming Nature-based Solutions  
鄭詠晨、周素卿、盧鏡晨 2022-10 都市與環境規劃中的關係性轉向:台北市水岸環境營造的意義  
林子倫,李宜卿,周素卿 2021-12 淨零轉型的知識與行動架構:台灣知識社群研究圖像的檢視 台灣能源期刊
Herlin Chien, Loan Thi Phan, Sue-Ching Jou 2021-12 Social Science Approaches to Critical Zone Studies: A Review  
Loan Thi Phan, Sue-Ching Jou, Jiun-Chuan Lin 2021-11 Untangling adaptive capacity in tourism: A narrative and systematic review Environmental Research Letters
Manasse Ellusma, Thung-Hong Lin, Sue-Ching Jou 2021-08 Climate change perception and resilience through a gendered lens of farmers in Haiti  
Wei Weng, Luis Costa, Matthias Luedeke, Sue-Ching Jou, Mei-Yi Liu, Fernando Jaramillo, and Delphine Zemp 2021-04 Human in nature: two cases on social factors nested in the implementation of Nature-based Solutions  
周素卿,盧鏡臣,沈崇恩 2021-03 都市公園生態化及其發展脈絡: 台北市生態公園的自然鑲嵌與社會特徵分析 都市與計劃
I-Chun Chang, Sue-Ching Jou and Ming-Kung Chung 2021- Provincializing smart urbanism in Taipei: Smart city as a strategy for urban regime transition Urban Studies
黃書禮,周素卿,盧鏡臣,張昱諄 2020-12 都市永續性的新思維—土地遠距連接、尺度與都市脈絡 都市與計劃
Sue-Ching Jou 2020-07 Urban Green Infrastructure in Transition: Case Study of Policy Adaptation and Transition Management in Taipei  
Sue-Ching Jou 2020-02 Edible landscape and active aging: Green infrastructure and Urban Sustainability  
林培安、周素卿 2019-08 防救災體系中的資訊治理與社會網絡: 以中央與地方防救災情資整合研究計畫為例 國家災害防救科技中心災害防救電子報
Loan Thi Phan, Sue-Ching Jou and Jun-Hua Lin 2019-02 Gender inequality and adaptive capacity: The role of social capital in the impacts of climate change in Vietnam Sustainability
王驥懋,周素卿 2019- 韌性能力,《台灣理論關鍵詞》,頁289-301,台北:聯經出版社。 台灣理論關鍵詞
黃書禮,李盈潔,李叢禎,周素卿,林子倫,張昱諄,張學聖,葉佳宗,詹士樑,蔡育新 2018-12 「都化與環境變遷」國際研究—台灣研究議題 台灣土地研究
Sue-Ching Jou and Jing-Chein Lu 2018-09 Sidewalks Retrofitted: Land Teleconnection, Policy Mobility and Urban Green Infrastructure  
Sue-Ching Jou, Shu-Mei Huang 2018- Planning pedagogy and practices in transition: Taiwan’s young planners and their challenges of finding purpose in planning From Student to urban planner: Young practitioners’ reflections on contemporary ethical challenges
盧鏡臣,周素卿 2017-10 台灣的都市氣候變遷政策與行動:北、高兩都會的分析 台灣的都市氣候議題與治理
周素卿,盧鏡臣 2017-10 地方政府氣候變遷計畫的治理特性:台北、新北與屏東的案例 台灣的都市氣候議題與治理
蕭新煌,周素卿,黃書禮 2017-10 正視台灣的都市氣候變遷:剖析與回應 台灣的都市氣候議題與治理
Sue-Ching Jou 2017-08 Smart city initiatives @ Taipei: An experiment in open innovation and platform governance  
Sue-Ching Jou 2016-08 Social Innovation and Smart University: A Living Lab Approach toward Interdisciplinary and Entrepreneurship Education  
Sue-Ching Jou, Eric Clark and Hsiao-Wei Chen 2016- Gentrification and revanchist urbanism in Taipei? Urban Studies
王驥懋,周素卿 2015-12 靭性能力:一個臺灣歷史地理的考察  
周素卿 2015-09 民間組織參與流域治理的綜合經驗 台灣社會研究季刊
周素卿 2015-09 整合創新與創業教育:以場域的共學與共創為途徑  
周素卿 2015-09 整合創新與創業教育:以場域的共學與共創為途徑,《2025台灣工程及科技人才培育之展望》,2015年9月,臺北:中 華工程教育學會,頁201-210。  
盧鏡臣,周素卿,廖昱凱 2015-03 落差與接軌?從國際發展看台灣的都市氣候治理與研究 都市與計劃
周素卿 2015-03 都市氣候變遷特刊序 都市與計劃
周素卿 2015-03 永續性與都市新政治計畫:文獻回顧與研究芻議,人文與社會科學簡訊,第十六卷第二期,頁61-68。  
Sue-Ching Jou, Jing-Chein Lu 2014-11 Adaptive city and local climate policies in Taiwan: Institutional alignment and policy transfer  
Sue-Ching Jou 2014-11 Urban Climate in Taiwan  
Natacha Aveline, Sue-Ching Jou, Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao (eds.) 2014-08 Globalization and New Intra-Urban Dynamics in Asian Cities National Taiwan University Press
Natacha Aveline, Sue-Ching Jou and Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao 2014-08 Introduction: About the book Globalization and New Intra-Urban Dynamics in Asian Cities
Sue-Ching Jou and Dung-Sheng Chen 2014-08 The embryology of spontaneous cultural clusters in Taipei: Creative class, consumption and urban fabric in the making Globalization and New Intra-Urban Dynamics in Asian Cities
Sue-Ching Jou, Eric Clark, Hsiao-Wei Chen 2014-07 Gentrification and revanchist urbanism in Taipei? Urban Studies
Sue-Ching Jou, Yu-Ping Wu 2013-08 Intermediary Organizations and Knowledge Transfer in the Integrated Watershed Management  
Tung-Jung Sung and Sue-Ching Jou (eds.) 2013-05 2011 Asian Smart Living Summer School Report: Innovation and Connections Ministry of Education
Sue-Ching Jou 2013-04 Water, Urban Design and Pathway to Post-industrial City: The Chung Kang Project and Its Paradoxes of Green Urbanity and Participation  
周素卿,彭渰雯,蘇淑娟,杜文苓,王佑靈,吳郁玶,李沛樺,廖昱凱 2012-10 公共參與式流域綜合治理之研究─民間組織參與流域綜合治理之研究(II)  
Sue-Ching Jou, Yu-Ling Wang, Yu-Ping Wu 2012-08 Public participation and institutional alignment in river governance: The role of intermediary group in multi-stakeholder platforms for Tanshui River Basin Management  
吳郁玶,周素卿 2012-04 自發性地理資訊在救災應變的效能與空間性─以莫拉克風災網路災情平台為例  
Sue-Ching Jou, Eric Clark, Hsiao-Wei Chen 2012-03 Gentrification, neoliberalisation and revanchist urbanism in Taipei  
周素卿,劉佩玲 (主編) 2012- 智慧生活家科技 臺灣大學智慧生活科技整合與創新研究中心
Sue-Ching Jou, Anders Lund Hanson and Hsin-Ling Wu 2012- Accumulation by dispossession and neoliberal urban planning: “landing” the mega-projects in Taipei Contradictions of Neoliberalizing Planning: Cities, policies and politics
高崇真,周素卿,劉佩玲 2012- 政策藍圖與智慧生活科技的推動 智慧生活家科技
周素卿,劉佩玲 2012- 智慧生活科技導論 智慧生活家科技
周素卿,高崇真 2012- 智慧科技與未來生活想像 智慧生活家科技
周素卿,賴彥如 2012- 煮食、情境感知與智慧廚房 智慧生活家科技
周素卿,宋同正,董芳武 2012- 100年度智慧生活國際教育發展實施規劃結案報告  
周素卿,宋同正,董芳武 2012- 2011亞洲智慧生活夏日學院結案報告  
盧鏡臣,周素卿,江尚書 2011-12 重大災害事件對媒體議題設定及政府決策之影響:基隆河流域河川整治的個案研究 地理學報
Sue-Ching Jou 2011-12 Going green, getting smart and seizing design: Urbanism, regeneration and neoliberal city  
Sue-Ching Jou 2011-10 Outward thinking, inward looking: Social & open innovation @ new urban development  
周素卿,彭渰雯,蘇淑娟,杜文苓,王佑靈,吳郁玶 2011-10 公共參與式流域綜合治理之研究─民間組織參與流域綜合治理之研究(I)  
Sue-Ching Jou, Lin-Tuan Liu, Mu-ning Wang 2011-04 Neoliberal nature and birdwatchers’“Urban Eden”in Taipei: The role of NGOs in urban wetland governance  
黃妤婕,周素卿 2011-04 水岸再生與後工業城市之路: 以新北市中港大排河廊再造工程為例  
Dung-Sheng Chen, Sue-Ching Jou 2011-01 The embryology of spontaneous cultural clusters in Taipei: Creative class, consumption and urban fabric in the making  
Sue-Ching Jou, et al 2011- Program Book of the 2011 Asian Smart Living Summer School  
Sue-Ching Jou, Eric Clark, Hsio-Wei Chen 2010-12 Revanchist urbanism and contested spaces in Taipei  
江尚書,周素卿,吳幸玲 2010-06 都市再發展與新自由主義治理的經驗模式:以台北車站特定專用區之開發為例 都市與計劃
周素卿,江尚書 2010-04 都市大型開發計畫與東亞城市發展:全球化、新自由主義化與全球城市發展(第3年)研究成果報告  
陳東升,周素卿 2010-03 東南亞台商生產網絡的結構特徵與運作機制的改變 亞太研究論壇
周素卿,吳幸玲,江尚書 2009-12 後工業化臺北與新自由主義都市政治 中國地理學會會刊
Jing-Chein Lu, Sue-Ching Jou, Shang-Shu Chiang 2009-12 Disaster events, mass media and agenda setting: a study of Keelung River floods and their mitigation policies  
Sue-Ching Jou, Jing-Chein Lu, Shang-Shu Chiang 2009-12 Ecological modernization and river governance in Taipei: “taming” by straightening  
周素卿,江尚書,王冠棋 2009-12 片斷化的治理與競爭性的都市區域發展:林口新市鎮的活化與區域治理  
江尚書,周素卿,吳幸玲 2009-09 都市再發展與新自由主義治理的經驗模式:以台北車站特定專用區之開發為例  
陳東升,周素卿 2009-06 東南亞台商的企業網絡  
Sue-Ching Jou, Peng-Yu Chen 2009-03 Cultivating sustainable lifestyles at home: Horticulture, consumption and “indoor nature” in Taipei  
Chi-Mao Wang, Sue-Ching Jou 2009-03 Muffling the resistant voice: Guanxi as governmentality in rural Taiwan  
Sue-Ching Jou, Dung-Sheng Chen 2009-02 Urbanization and development of city-regions in Taiwan: Patterns, dynamics and pathway of transformation in the past three decades  
San-Shu Chiang, Sue-Ching Jou, Hsin-Ling Wu 2008-12 Urban Redevelopment under Neoliberalization: A Case Study of Taipei Main Station Special District  
Sue-Ching Jou, Hsin-Ling Wu 2008-05 Urban Restructuring and Neoliberal Urban Politics: ‘Landing’the Mega-Projects in Taipei  
Chi-Mao Wang, Sue-Ching Jou 2008-04 An Emerging Global City? A Real Estate Perspective  
Sue-Ching Jou, Hsin-Ling Wu, Anders Lund Hansen 2008-04 New Asian urbanism: property investment and neo-liberal urban politics  
周素卿,高崇真 2008-01 “智活”的想像及其再現:智慧生活情境與智慧住家原型案例之分析  
周素卿,林潤華 2008- 與世爭高:台北市高層建築生產的在地脈絡 都市與計劃
Dung-Sheng Chen, Sue-Ching Jou, Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao 2008- Transforming Guanxi networks: Taiwanese entrepreneurs’ production networks in Thailand and Vietnam Chinese Entrepreneurship in a Global Era
陳東升,周素卿 2007--- 都市發展篇的評論之回應 研究台灣
Nora L-H Chiang, Sue-Ching Jou 2006-12 Development of human geography in Taiwan in the last decade Jimbun-Chiri (Japanese Journal of Human Geography)
Sue-Ching Jou, Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao, Dung-Sheng Chen 2006-12 Skyscrapers and the production of primacy and centrality in Taipei Capital Cities in Asia-Pacific: Primacy and Diversity, Taipei: Center for Asia-Pacific Studies
Sue-Ching Jou, Dung-Sheng Chen 2006--- Regionalization of Networked Production: Taiwanese Manufacturing Capital in Southeast Asia and China Geography Research Forum
Hsin-Ling Wu, Sue-Ching Jou, Lily Kong* 2006--- The development of Social and cultural geography in Taiwan: knowledge production and social relevance Social and Cultural Geography
林潤華,周素卿 2005-06 「台北信義豪宅」及其生產集團-信義計畫區高級住宅社區之生產者分析 地理學報
Sue-Ching Jou 2005-03 Domestic politics in urban image creation Globalizing Taipei: Political Economy of Spatial Development
高崇真,周素卿 2004-11 資訊城市空間組織形式之制度基礎分析:以臺北市寬頻網路的空間形構為例 國立台灣師範大學地理研究報告
周素卿 2003-12 全球化與新都心發展 地理學報
周素卿 2002-09 台灣人文地理學的研究進程 都市與計劃
Sue-Ching Jou, Dung-Sheng Chen 2001--- Keeping the high-tech region open and dynamic: The organizational networks of Taiwan's integrated circuit industry GeoJournal
周素卿,劉美琴 2001--- 性別、遷移與貧民窟生活世界 地理學報