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Office : Room 404, Department of Geography

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My teaching and research interests have been consistently focused on the issues about transportation and land use interactions because of my training on urban planning and transportation. Specifically, much of my research has been on the positive analyses (impact studies) and the normative analyses (decision making analyses) between transportation and land uses. To carry on the above researches, I have applied a number of quantitative approaches in the fields of econometrics, mathematical programming and multiple criteria evaluation. Thus I have also specified my interests on the issues about quantitative studies of urban and regional developments.

Reserach interests: land use and transportation, built environment and children development, built environment and health


Ph.D., Institute of Traffic and Transportation, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan (1999)

M.A., Institute of Traffic and Transportation, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan (1991)

B.A. Department of Urban Planning, National Chen Kung University, Taiwan (1989)


1. Land use impacts on transportation  

I am interested in the impact studies of built environments on travel demands. The studied attributes of built environments include 5 Ds attributes: density, diversity, design, destination accessibility and distance to transit; and, the studied attributes of travel demand mostly include trip generation, trip distribution, mode choice and vehicle kilometers traveled.

2. Transportation impacts on land uses  

I am interested in the impact studies of transportation systems on urban and rural developments. The studied transportation systems include metro, expressway, freeway and high speed railway; and, the explored local developments include the attributes of demography, industries, land-uses, travel demands, public facilities and services and property values.

3. Transportation and land use planning  

I am also interested in the normative studies of location-allocation models and alternative evaluations for transportation networks, public facilities and land uses planning.

4. Social exclusion/inclusion issues  

Recently, I am exploring social equity issues about travel demands and transportation accessibilities for the disadvantaged groups including children, elders, low income households, ethnic minorities and new immigrants.

5. City health issues  

I am preparing to begin a number of impact studies of built environments and travel behaviors on an individual’s health situations in physical, psychological and social perspectives. The physical health will be concerned in physical activity, BMI, fitness and disease; the psychological side will be focused on personalities; and, the social health will be explored in environmental recognition, social network and social cohesion.


Urban and regional development

Transportation geography

Empirical studies of built environments

Decision-making for urban and regional development


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Outstanding Article Award of National Taiwan University (2015)

Excellent Article Award of National Taiwan University (2015)

Outstanding Article Award of National Taiwan University (2014)

Article Award: Type A, National Taiwan University (2012)

Distinguished Contribution in Planning, Taiwan Institute of Urban Planning (2005)

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Master Thesis Award, Chinese Land Economics Society (2006, 2007, 2009)

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Outstanding Teacher Award, National Taipei University (2005)

Research Award: Type A, National Science Council (2000)

The Best Article of Annual Joint Conference, Taiwan Institute of Urban Planning, Chinese Regional Science Association and Association of Glocal Development (2007)