Li, Mei-Hui


Mei-Hui Li



Office : Room 603, Department of Geography

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Phone : 886-2-33665839

Website : Environmental Ecology Lab



My teaching and research interests span several broad and diverse areas including environmental toxicology, medical and health geography and environmental ecology. Much of my research, funded under a series of National Science Council projects, has been on the effects of endocrine disruptors. I am currently also involved in work on the ecological effects of urbanization. I also have an interest in medical geography. The diverse nature of my research is reflected in my training, as I have degrees in Geography (BS), Zoology (MS) and Environmental Toxicology (Ph. D).

Research interests: environmental toxicology and biological monitoring, ecological effects of urbanization, river ecosystem health



More specific details of my research areas are as follows:

  1.  Persistent organic pollutants and emerging contaminants
    I am interested in a wide range of issues associated with the toxic effects of persistent organic pollutants, including hepatic inductions and endocrine effects of polychlorinated biphenols; hepatic inductions and reproductive effects of polybrominated diphenyl ether; the toxic effects of nonylphenol on aquatic animals, and the toxic effects of perfluorooctanoic acid on aquatic animals. To this end I have developed the Environmental Toxicology Laboratory at the Department of Geography, which has become a cutting-edge facility in Taiwan.
  2. Bioindicators and environmental monitoring
    I have a strong interest in the use of bioindicators for environmental monitoring in Taiwan. More specific interests include: the application of developmental instability of crabs to coastal pollution; antioxidant enzyme induction of plants to air pollution; vitellogenin induction of male fish and endocrine disruptors.
  3. Issues in environmental ecology
    I am also interested in how human activities or disturbance affect animal survival and distribution in Taiwan, such as urbanization effects on animal survival and distribution; impacts of land use changes on biodiversity.
  4. Human health and the environment
    I am very interested in understanding the relationship between human health and global environmental change, especially the health effects of persistent organic pollutants. I also have strong interests in various other aspects of medical geography, including climate change and human health; emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases; and geographic diffusion of disease.



Ph.D. University of Illinois, Urbana, USA (1996)

M.S. Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, USA (1991)

B.S. National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan (1987)



Environmental Ecology

Urban Ecology and Environment

Ecological Issues in a Changing World

Critical Physical Geography

Introduction to Ecological Monitoring

Environmental Change and Disease

Environmental Toxicology



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Fiscal YearPlan NameTitle
111 台灣昆蟲復育-以混合地理學與批判自然地理學之視角 計畫主持人
107 全球生物均質化及東南亞和南亞都市生物多樣性之探討 計畫主持人
106 評估日常用品及農業藥品中常見抗菌劑的水生毒性與生態影響 計畫主持人
103 評估淡水渦蟲做為生態毒性測試模式之可行性 計畫主持人
102 利用淡水渦蟲檢驗水中新興污染物 計畫主持人
101 淡水河生態系生態功能及其生態服務價值評估--淡水河河川水質之生態系功能及生態系服務評估研究(II) 計畫主持人
101 大陸型與島嶼型流域氮遺失之觀測與模擬 共同主持人
100 利用淡水渦蟲檢驗水中新興污染物 計畫主持人
100 利用淡水渦蟲檢驗水中新興污染物 計畫主持人
100 淡水河生態系之服務機制、價值評估及效益移轉--淡水河的生態系統碳通量(I) 共同主持人
099 利用渦蟲做為檢測界面活性劑對水生動物毒性之測試系統 計畫主持人
098 利用渦蟲做為檢測界面活性劑對水生動物毒性之測試系統 計畫主持人
097 利用渦蟲做為檢測界面活性劑對水生動物毒性之測試系統 計畫主持人
097 利用渦蟲做為檢測界面活性劑對水生動物毒性之測試系統 計畫主持人
096 全氟辛烷磺酸對水生動物之影響 計畫主持人
095 全氟辛烷磺酸對水生動物之影響 計畫主持人
094 利用孔雀魚檢測環境雄性激素 計畫主持人
093 空氣污染與榕樹葉片過氧化酵素活性及發育不穩定性之探討 計畫主持人
091 台灣山坡地環境敏感區土地利用變遷及其對環境衝擊之研究--總計畫暨子計畫五:濁水溪流域土地利用變遷機制研究--陳有 蘭溪集水區山坡地土地經營面向分析(II) 共同主持人
091 利用雄孔雀魚評估環境雌性激素之影響 計畫主持人
090 台灣山坡地與海岸環境敏感區土地利用變遷及其對環境衝擊之研究--子計畫二:土地利用變遷與河川污染之研究(I) 計畫主持人
089 發展整合型的母幼鼠急性反映測試方法來檢測多氯聯苯之毒性(II) 計畫主持人
089 利用發育不穩定性來監測基隆附近海岸環境(II) 計畫主持人
089 發展整合型的母幼鼠急性反應測試方法來檢測多氯聯苯之毒性(1/3) 計畫主持人
088 利用發育不穩定性來監測基隆附近海岸環境 計畫主持人
086 生物監測法之綜合整理與討論 計畫主持人


2012 Excellent Publication Research Award, NTU, Taiwan

2010 Excellent Publication Research Award, NTU, Taiwan

2009 Distinguished Publication Research Award, NTU, Taiwan

2007 Distinguished Teaching Award (University), NTU, Taiwan

2006 Excellent Publication Research Award, NTU, Taiwan

2004 Outstanding Teaching Award (University), NTU, Taiwan