Yang, Ci-Jian


Yang, Ci-Jian

Assistant Professor


Office :Room 503, Department of Geography

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Phone :+886-2-33665830

Lab:Surface Processes and Landforms


Current fields of interest focus primarily on Earth's surface processes and landforms. The main goal of my research is to provide relevant information on the dynamics of surface processes, thus enabling the interaction between geomorphic processes and physico-chemical systems. The topics include the following:

1.Landscape dynamics via on-site monitoring and numerical simulation.

a.Badland landscape dynamics
Dr. Yang has published 5 SCI papers related to badland landscape dynamics since 2019, including 4 papers listed as first author, one of them was published in Nature Communications. As far, Dr. Yang provides a framework to investigate how tectonic and climatic processes on mudstone badland evolution in southwestern Taiwan. The next part of the project aims at generating the spatially complete set of observational constraints on badland landscape.

2.Fluvial process during major floods in mountain rivers.

a. Acoustic ambient noise analyses on the detection of bedload transportation
Two overarching interests in this project: First, to raise a high-quality, long-term dataset on bedload dynamics and threshold of motion. This will be unique for the typhoon-dominated rivers of Taiwan and can be used to inform local hazard protection measures. Second, use this dataset to investigate how far the extreme conditions of Taiwan lead to similar or different behavior in temporal bedload dynamics in comparison to previous observations and models.

b. Mobilization and controls on sediment transportation from lithologic, biologic, and anthropogenic sources during major floods in mountain rivers.

c. Development of an image-based detection method for river driftwood and flux estimation.

3.Capability and limitation of carbon sequestration of olivine fertilization over various agricultural practices.

The main scope of this project addresses the relation between land use, climatic effects, and the enhanced weathering rate, which needs more detailed and precise observation data to analyze the effect of environmental change on the efficiency of carbon sequestration. Dr. Yang conduct additional olivine fertilization in three standard sample plots with various agricultural practices and monthly water chemistry and the minutes-resolution water stage constrain the result of carbon sequestration.


2020 Ph.D., Tectonic and climatic processes on mudstone badland evolution in southwestern Taiwan, Geography, National Taiwan University.

2021-2023 Postdoctoral fellow, German Research Centre for Geosciences, Potsdam.
2020-2021 Postdoctoral fellow, National Taiwan University.
2020-2021 Adjunct assistant professor, National Taiwan Normal University.


Geomorphology and Lab. 地形學及實習

Drainage Basin Geomorphology 集水區地形學

Field Geomorphology 野外地形學

Terrain analysis and hydrologic modeling 數值地形分析與水文分析

Special Topics in Geography (I) 地理議題專論一

Computer Programming 程式設計 (英文授課)

Surface Processes and Landscape Evolution 地表作用與演育


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Fiscal YearPlan NameTitle
114 颱風對山地集水區河流沉積物輸送行為與近地表水循環的影響(3/3) 計畫主持人
113 惡地地形特徵圖製作-以牛埔水土保持教室為例 計畫主持人
113 颱風對山地集水區河流沉積物輸送行為與近地表水循環的影響(2/3) 計畫主持人
112 颱風對山地集水區河流沉積物輸送行為與近地表水循環的影響(1/3) 計畫主持人


2021-2022 MOST recruiting Postdoc fellowships. Host institution: German Research Center for Geoscience, GFZ.
2020-2021 MOST recruiting Postdoc fellowships. Host institution: National Taiwan University
2018-2019 Graduate Students Study Abroad Program sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology. Host institution: German Research Center for Geoscience, GFZ.

2020 Vei-Chow Juan thesis award.
2019 Taiwan Geosciences Assembly.
2018 Annual Meeting of Geological and Geophysical Society.
2015 Chinese Soil and Water Conservation Society.
2014 Annual Meeting of Geological Society of China.
2014 Department of Geography, National Taiwan University.