2012 Excellent Publication Research Award, NTU, Taiwan

2010 Excellent Publication Research Award, NTU, Taiwan

2009 Distinguished Publication Research Award, NTU, Taiwan

2007 Distinguished Teaching Award (University), NTU, Taiwan

2006 Excellent Publication Research Award, NTU, Taiwan

2004 Outstanding Teaching Award (University), NTU, Taiwan



Environmental Ecology

Urban Ecology and Environment

Ecological Issues in a Changing World

Critical Physical Geography

Introduction to Ecological Monitoring

Environmental Change and Disease

Environmental Toxicology



More specific details of my research areas are as follows:

1. Persistent organic pollutants and emerging contaminants I am interested in a wide range of issues associated with the toxic effects of persistent organic pollutants, including hepatic inductions and endocrine effects of polychlorinated biphenols; hepatic inductions and reproductive effects of polybrominated diphenyl ether; the toxic effects of nonylphenol on aquatic animals, and the toxic effects of perfluorooctanoic acid on aquatic animals. To this end I have developed the Environmental Toxicology Laboratory at the Department of Geography, which has become a cutting-edge facility in Taiwan.

2. Bioindicators and environmental monitoring I have a strong interest in the use of bioindicators for environmental monitoring in Taiwan. More specific interests include: the application of developmental instability of crabs to coastal pollution; antioxidant enzyme induction of plants to air pollution; vitellogenin induction of male fish and endocrine disruptors.

3. Issues in environmental ecology I am also interested in how human activities or disturbance affect animal survival and distribution in Taiwan, such as urbanization effects on animal survival and distribution; impacts of land use changes on biodiversity.

4. Human health and the environment I am very interested in understanding the relationship between human health and global environmental change, especially the health effects of persistent organic pollutants. I also have strong interests in various other aspects of medical geography, including climate change and human health; emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases; and geographic diffusion of disease.