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【Call for Papers and Posters】PNC 2024 Annual Conference and Joint Meetings Submissions (Until April 15)

PNC 2024 Annual Conference and Joint Meetings Call for Papers and Posters.

Main Theme: Green, Flow and Signal: Reconnecting Fragmented Communities in the Age of Digital Transformation

Dates: August 29th-31st (Thursday-Saturday)

Venue: Korea University, Seoul, South Korea PNC 2024 Conference Website:

It is our great pleasure to announce that the PNC 2024 Annual Conference and Joint Meetings (PNC 2024) will take place at Korea University, Seoul, South Korea, from August 29th-31st, 2024. The main theme is "Green, Flow and Signal: Reconnecting Fragmented Communities in the Age of Digital Transformation."

The technical program of the PNC 2024 will include invited keynote speeches, paper presentations, workshops, and a poster session. We welcome submissions focusing on but not limited to the following topics:

1.  Spaces and Places Revisited

    1.1 Spatial Analysis and GIS

    1.2 Digital Sinology

    1.3 Digital Korean Studies

    1.4 International Relations within and beyond East Asia

    1.5 Geopolitics and International Relations

    1.6 Holographic/Volumetric Video Broadcast/Capture

    1.7 Virtual, Augmented, and Other Mediated Realities

    1.8 Military Applications of AI

2.  Techniques and Technologies of Cultural Memory

    2.1 Digital Libraries

    2.2 Digital Museums

    2.3 Digital Archives

    2.4 Digital Heritage

    2.5 Digital Humanities

    2.6 Cultural Wave in the Age of Digital Transformation

3.  Reform of Pedagogy and the Liberal Arts

    3.1 Classrooms of the Future

    3.2 The Technologies of Learning and Teaching

    3.3 Information Literacy and the Pedagogy of Teaching Technology

    3.4 Language Teaching and Learning

    3.5 Machine Translation / Machine Composition

    3.6 Deep Learning, Deep Time, and Deep Fakes

    3.7 The Technologies of History, Literature, and Philosophy

    3.8 The History, Literature, and Philosophy of Technologies

    3.9 The Tools of Archeology and the Archeology of Tools

4.  Socio-cultural Data

    4.1 Socio-cultural Data and Machine Intelligence

    4.2 Digitaltwins and Mirrorworlds as Socio-cultural Data

    4.3 Imaging Technics, Digital Reproduction, and Digital Replicas

5.  Innovation Reform and Renewal in Sciences, Health, and Wellness

    5.1 Climate Change and the Changing Seas

    5.2 Biodiversity Studies

    5.3 Sustainable Agriculture

    5.4 E-health and Wellness Studies

    5.5 Mindfulness in an Era of Digital Reproduction

    5.6 AI in Healthcare

6.  AI and Connecting Communities

    6.1 AI in Social Media

    6.2 AI in Community Networks

    6.3 Ethical Considerations in AI-Enabled Information Flow

    6.4 AI-Enabled Sustainable Practices

    6.5 AI and Environmental Monitoring

7.  Innovating Businesses

    7.1 Consumer Behavior

    7.2 Data Analysis and Visualization

    7.3 Emerging Markets

    7.4 Innovation & Entrepreneurship Leadership

    7.5 Managing Across Cultures

    7.6 Global Business

    7.7 Financial Accounting & Taxation

【Submission Categories】

For Paper: Abstract Submission (1 page) or Full Paper Submission (6-8 pages) For Poster & Demo: Abstract Submission (no more than 500 words) *Authors who consider IEEE Xplore Conference Proceedings, please choose Full Paper Submission.

【Guidelines for Paper Submissions】

Paper Submission

1. Abstract Submission (1 page)

2. Full Paper Submission (6-8 pages)

*Authors who consider IEEE Xplore Conference Proceedings, please choose Full Paper Submission.

* Authors are invited to submit Abstracts or Full Papers through online submission system: by April 15, 2024 (GMT+8).

Submissions must be original and should not have been published previously while being reviewed. The full paper length is 6-8 pages, including figures and tables but not references. All submitted papers must conform to the IEEE Xplore Format:

【Guidelines for Poster Submission】

Poster Submission

1. Poster Competition (abstract)

2. Poster Demonstration (abstract)

*Authors are invited to submit the abstracts (no more than 500 words) through the online submission system by April 15, 2024 (GMT +8):

I. Poster Competition

For poster competition, the participants are required to give a brief oral presentation in person in Seoul. 

The best award will be selected after evaluation by the Poster Judge Committee according to the following criteria and grading standards:

(1) Validity of Method and Data (25%)

(2) Novelty in Ideas, Concepts, or Techniques (25%)

(3) Importance of Contribution (25%)

(4) Clarity of Description and Design of Poster (25%)

II. Poster Demonstration

For poster demonstration only. The participants are welcome to take this opportunity to show research results that are related to the conference main theme. 

【Important Dates】

Submission Deadline: April 15, 2024 (GMT+8) Notification of Acceptance: June 5, 2024 (GMT+8) Final Submission (Camera Ready): June 19, 2024 (GMT+8) Conference Date: August 29-31, 2024 (GMT+8)


Asiatic Research Institute, Korea University

Pacific Neighborhood Consortium (PNC)


Academia Sinica

Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI)

Ministry of Education, Taiwan

Local Organizer

Institute for Digital HUSS, Korea University


Academy of Chinese Studies, Incheon National University

Analytical Sociology Education & Research Program to Solve Social Problems

Education and Research Group for Global Korean Studies in the Post-Development Era

Flagship Deep Learning Program for Language Scientists

Institute of East-Asia Cultural Exchange

KOREA UNIVERSITY Center of Future Innovation for New Education

Ministry of Education, Republic of Korea

National Research Foundation of Korea

Research Institute of Korean Studies, Korea University

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