Journal of Geographical Science

Volume 61~80

Paper The Study on Co-management of Indigenous Traditional Territory: Cases Study of Atayal Communities in Jianshin Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan Ai-Ching Yen and Ting-Yi Chen 2011 61 1-30
Paper An Application and the Limitations of the Census Data for Analyzing the Student Sources of Universities in Taiwan Chih-Chung Lin, Yo-Bin Ho and Yen-Ling Lin 2011 61 31-56
Paper The Short-term Change on the Beach Type and Rip Current of the Fulong Beach in the North Coast of Taiwan Hsueh-Mei Lin, I-Hsing Hwang and Su-Ming Shen 2011 61 57-80
Paper The Study of Alluvial Fans Morphometry along Pakua Tableland Piedmont Leng-Hsiang Sun 2011 61 81-104
Paper Quaternary Glacier Retreat in the Sancha Shan Area of the Southern Taiwan: A Preliminary Results Lih-Der Ho and Tzu-Yang Wang 2011 61 105-122
Paper Pedogenesis of Soils and their Applications of Correlations to Terraces in Northern Pakua Tableland, Central Taiwan Wen-Shu Huang, Wen-Huei Lin, Zeng-Yei Hseu and Heng Tsai 2011 61 123-145
Paper The Revitalization of Degrading Cultural Landscape: The Spatial Signification of Historical Railway of Tai-An Village Tzu-Chi Liu, Su-Hsin Lee and Jing-Shoung Hou 2011 61 147-166
Paper Applications of Geovisualization Techniques in Spatial Knowledge Discovery of Traffic Flow Data Chih-Yuan Chen, Tzu-How Chu and Meng-Lung Lin 2011 62 1-18
Paper Bringing the Hierarchical Structure of Scales back in: Toward the Ideological Politics of Space Zi-Xin Lin 2011 62 19-48
Paper Where Do Indigenous People Go Hunting? An Empirical Study of a Truku Village in Eastern Taiwan Hsing-Sheng Tai, Wu-Long Jhuang and Shyang-Woei Lin 2011 62 49-72
Paper Evaluating the Management Effectiveness of the Protected Areas in Taiwan: Analysis and Interpretation of 5 Case Studies Dau-Jye Lu, Chih-Liang Chao, Ho-Chia Chueh, Chieh-Wen Kao, Ya-Ling Chang and Hung-Yih Chang 2011 62 73-102
Paper Optimum Parameters Experiment of CLUE-s Model for Rural Landscape Change Simulation in Taiwan Chen-Fa Wu 2011 62 103-125
Paper The Inverse Method for Slope Stability Parameter Derivation: A Case Study in Lien-Hua-Chih Watershed Yung-Chung Chuang, Shyue-Cherng Liaw, Jihn-Fa Jan and Jeen-Liang Hwong 2011 62 127-153
Paper Research Progress of Agriculture Geography in Taiwan (2001-2010) Zhe-Qiang Liao, Kun-Sun Shiao and Da-Xuan Guo 2011 62 155-178
Paper Climate Change and Vegetation Phenology in Different Scales: A Review Chung-Te Chang, Su-Fen Wang and Teng-Chiu Lin 2011 63 1-33
Paper The Micro-geographies in-and-of the Public Toilets: A Psychoanalysis of the Public Toilets and a Topoanalysis of the Toileting Public Peter Cheng-Chong Wu and Jing-Jhih Jhuang 2011 63 35--64
Paper The Transformation of Music Economy and Entrepreneurship in Taipei’s Music Industries: A Governance Approach Cheng-Yi Lin 2011 63 65-88
Paper Major Disasters, Media Agenda-setting, and Policy-making: A Study of Keelung River Floods and their Mitigation Policies Jing-Chein Lu, Sue-Ching Jou and Shang-Shu Chiang 2011 63 89-113
Paper The Temporal-spatial Analysis of Yilan Rural Landscape Change: A Case Study of Weiqian, Dazhou, and Dayi Villages in Sanxing Township Jing-Yu Lin, Chih-Da Wu and Yung-Chung Chuang 2012 64 1-20
Paper Assessment of PPGIS and Community Development by Actor-Network Theory: A Case in Meinung Yellow Butterfly Valley Ming-Kuang Chung, Bor-Wen Tsai and Dau-Jye Lu 2012 64 21-44
Paper The Model for the Development of Shore Platform in Penghu Islands Cheng-Hao Lu, Shyh-Jeng Chyi, Lih-Der Ho and Po-Yu Chang 2012 64 45-65
Paper The People’s Story of Mobility: A Study of the Migration due to the Constructionof Reservoir in Taoyuan County Chie-Peng Chen 2012 64 67-96
Review Review of “Religion: From Place to Placelessness” Wen-Chuan Robert Tsai 2012 64 97-100
Paper Evaluating Management Effectiveness of the Chi-Ku Black-Face Spoolbill (Platalea minor) Wildlife Refuge of Southern Taiwan Lih-Der Ho, Liu-Chi Lo, Dau-Jye Lu, Wei-Li Jasmine Chen and Chia-Hong Shiu 2012 65 1-26
Paper Towards Collaborative Governance? Opportunities and Constraints for Stakeholder Participation in Natural Landscape Conservation of Taiwan Kuang-Chung Lee, Shin Wang and Chia-Ling Tsai 2012 65 27-52
Paper Incentives Crowding Out Effect and the Agricultural Development of Indigenous Community-A Case Study in Quri Community, Jianshih Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan Ai-Ching Yen, En-Chia Lo (Watan Taru) and Yin-An Chen 2012 65 53-78
Paper An Integrated Assessment of Vulnerability to Typhoon and Flood Hazard in the Ta-Chia River Basin Hung-Chih Hung and Ling-Yeh Chen 2012 65 79-96
Paper Ecological Spatial and Temporal Scale Issues of Islands Shyh-Chyang Lin 2012 66 1-19
Paper An Investigation of Watershed Management and Land Ethics: A Case of Indigenous Communities on Upstream Shimen Reservoir Catchments Area Chih-Ti Sun and Ai-Ching Yen 2012 66 21-51
Paper The Application of Binarization on Canopy Gaps of Airborne LiDAR Classification Chun-Hung Wei, Shou-Tsung Wu, Wei-Chieh Huang, Yi-Ta Hsieh, Yuh-Lurng Chung and Chaur-Tzuhn Chen 2012 66 53-66
Paper Analysis of Relationship between Mei-yu Precipitation Change and Vegetation Variation in Lien-Hua-Chih Experimental Forest Su-Fen Wang, Wan-Ting Lin, Chung-Te Chang and Teng-Chiu Lin 2012 66 67-86
Paper Exploratory Space-time Dynamics Analysis of Regional Income in Taiwan, 1999-2008 Yu-Lin Chi,Meng-Sian Jhou and Jinn-Guey Lay 2012 67 1-30
Paper The Relationships between Weathered Rock Surface Hardness and Exposure Dates of Quaternary Erratic Boulders in Nanhutashan of Taiwan Lih-Der Ho and Ray-Hong Liu 2012 67 31-47
Paper Urban Self-organization A Simulation Comparison between Institutional and Spatial Change Shih-Kung Lai, Yu-Chie Wang and Haoying Han 2012 67 49-71
Paper The Construction of TCCIP1 Taiwan Rainfall Index (TRI) and its Applications Chih-Wen Hung 2012 67 73-97
Review Review of “Not Yet a Placelessness Land: Tracking an Evolving American Geography” Wen-Chuan Robert Tsai 2012 67 99-102
Paper Potential Influence of Climate Change on Annual Rainfall Erosivity Factor in Taiwan Jie-Lun Chiang 2013 68 1-17
Paper Evaluating Management Effectiveness of the Coastal and Estuarine Protected Areas in Taiwan Dau-Jye Lu, Chih-Liang Chao, Sin-Yi Lo, Chieh-Wen Kao, Jasmine Wei-Li Chen, Liu-Chi Lo, Mei-Chih Yeh, Lih-Der Ho, Hung-Yi Chang and Jong-Yuan Wang 2013 68 19-42
Paper Opportunity and Destiny-Dialectics of Tourism Development in Atayal Area, Nanjhuang, Miaoli Chin-Cheng Ni 2013 68 43-68
Paper The Critical Toponymy-A Dialogue of Nation, Place and Ethnic Group Yun-Tsui Yeh 2013 68 69-87
Paper Study of the Characteristics of Kinmen Insular Disasters and Methods of Determining Disaster Scales Shyh-Chyang Lin 2013 69 1-24
Paper Recreational Impact on Biodiversity and Spatial Distribution of Populations in the Intertidal Zones of Liuchio Hsu Liu-Chih Lo 2013 69 25-46
Paper Spatial Turns in Feminist Theory and Gender Practice: Outline of a Match Theory for Gender Negotiation Peter Cheng-Chong Wu 2013 69 47-81
Paper The Spatial Distribution and Migration Pattern of Urban Indigenous People in Northern Metropolitan Areas of Taiwan Chien-Chia Liu 2013 69 83-104
Paper The Profiles and the Radiocarbon Ages of Charcoal in Colluvium as Indicators of Taiwan Alpine Environmental Change Shan-Shan Chang, Shyh-Jeng Chyi, Meng-Long Hsieh and Jian-Wei Lin 2013 70 1-22
Paper The Tectonic Geomorphic Implication of the River Capture on Jhukengbei Ditch Li-Chin Huang, Guey-San Yang and Heng Tsai 2013 70 23-46
Paper Micro-politics and the Socio-cultural Reconstruction of Religious Space--A Case Study of the Christian Church in Shimenkan, Weining, Mainland China Zhen-Jie Yuan, Jun-Xi Qian and Hong Zhu 2013 70 47-67
Paper Indigenous Ecological Knowledge and Watershed Governance--A Case Study of the Human-river Relations in Mrqwang, Taiwan Da-Wei Kuan 2013 70 69-105
Paper Reconstruction of Climatic and Weather Characteristics in the Shanghai Area during the Qing Dynasty Pei-Hua Tan and Bo-Lin Wu 2013 71 1-28
Paper Heritage Landscape, Nation-Building, Globalization-Taking Singapore's Chinatown as an Example Pi-Chun Chang 2013 71 29-47
Paper Biosecurity, Herbal Cooling Tea and the Cultural Regionalism of Lingnan Michelle Tsung-Yi Huang and Chun-Kai Woo 2013 71 49-68
Paper Constructing an Assessment System for Integrated River Ecological Quality (ASIREQ) in the Keelung River Based on Ecological Integrity Yuan-Hsun Pang 2013 71 69-92
Paper An Analysis of Rainfall Periodicity of Maritime Continent: A Case Study in Peninsular Malaysia (1971-2007) Yuen-Yi Ng 2013 71 93-111
Review Review of 'The Place of Religion in Chicago' Robert Wen-Chuan Tsai 2013 71 113-116
Paper Introduction to the Special Issue on Neoliberalism and Urban Governance in Taiwan Jinn-Yuh Hsu 2014 72 1-3
Paper Shrinking Seaport in Metropolitan Taipei: Regenerating Keelung City? Jung-Ying Chang 2014 72 5-29
Paper Multi-scalar Governance Challenge of Neo-liberalist Urban Development Strategy: A Case Study of New Taipei Metropolis Tsu-Lung Chou and Tai-Chih Chen 2014 72 31-55
Paper Building A Creative City: Some Myths and Limitations of the Policy Discourse in Taipei City Shu-Yi Chiu and Wen-I Lin 2014 72 57-84
Paper Community Activation and Consensus Building in the Post-political Condition: A Case Study of Community Culture Construction in Taipei Wen-I Lin and Shu-Yi Chiu 2014 72 85-109
Paper Factors Affecting Local Temperature Distribution in Taiwan Pei-Hua Tan and Ya-Chi Tseng 2014 73 1-27
Paper Understanding Place bonding to Places Never Visited Chia-Kuen Cheng and Hui-Yu Kuo 2014 73 29-52
Paper Air-defense Grounds and Zones in Taipei City during World War II and their Changes after the War Chih-wen Hung 2014 73 53-77
Paper The Politics of Space in Relation to Street Naming in Tapei City Wen-Chuan Huang 2014 73 79-105
Paper esearch on Regional Innovative Milieux, Social Capital and Firm Innovation Performance Tai-Ming Ben and Chung-Meng Chen 2014 73 107-133
Paper The Impact of Human Activities on Air Quality: Holiday Effect of the Kaohsiung Metropolitan Area as an Example Pei-Hua Tan and Chen-Yi Sun 2015 74 1-30
Paper Children’s Independent Mobility to School in Small Satellite Towns: An Empirical Study on the Taishan and Yishiue Elementary Schools, New Taipei City Chuan-Ming Tung and Hsn-I Hsu 2015 74 31-61
Paper Transformation of the Waterfront’s Meaning and Function in the Taipei Metropolitan Area Chih-Hung Wang, Jo-Tzu Huang and Han-Ru Lee 2015 74 63-86
Paper Typhoon Damages and Local Vulnerability in River Basins: The Case of Typhoon Morakot Hung-Chih Hung, Yi-Chung Liu and Sung-Ying Chien 2015 74 87-106
Paper Application of 1979-2009 Digital Orthophotos and Digital Terrain Models to Investigate Surface Changes in Tsaoling Landslide Area Ruo-Ying Wu, Ruo-Fei Chen, Chih-Yu Kuo and Kuo-Jen Chang 2015 75 1-27
Paper The Study of Regional Disaster System for Hai-Duan: Township in Taitung of Taiwan Cheng-Yao Hung and Hsueh-Mei Lin 2015 75 29-56
Paper Geomorphic Processes of Marine Terraces Based on Pedogenic Features: A Case Study of the West Hengchun Hills Wen-Shu Huang, Heng Tsai and Zeng-Yei Hseu 2015 75 57-80
Paper Effect of Satellite Image Pre-processing on Vegetation Change Detection Su-Fen Wang, Chia-Hua Yu and Ya-Tin Liu 2015 75 81-99
Review Review of “The Revenge of Geography” Wen-Chuan Robert Tsai 2015 75 101-104
Paper How GIS Can Advance Geographic Competency in Children Tsu-Jen Ding and Ya-Hui Huan 2015 76 1-23
Paper Three Vital Functions of Agriculture as Institutional Alleviation: Taiwan’s Farmland Neoliberalization, Regulation Process, and the Restructuring of Agricultural Regime I-Chih Lan and Chen-Jai Lee 2015 76 25--68
Paper Spatial Inference and Political Behavior: The Application of Maximum Entropy Method for TEDS2012 Survey Data Chang-Ping Lin, I-Hui Wu and Yung-Ming Hsu 2015 76 69-95
Paper Indigenous Ecological Knowledge and Contemporary Disaster Management: A Case Study on the Tayal Communities Experience in the Watershed of Shih-Men Reservoir Da-Wei Kuan 2015 76 97-132
Paper Vertical Production and Spatial Proximity: Manufacturing Industries in Taiwan Yung-Chi Yen, Shiann-Far Kung, Leonard F. S. Wang 2015 77 1-30
Paper Remapping National Geography in the Street-naming of H Ch Minh City Peter Kang 2015 77 31-48
Paper The Evolution and Develpment of Vulnerability Studies Kuan-Hui Elaine Lin and Chang-Yi Chang 2015 77 49-82
Paper Cross-border Interactions in Non-reciprocal Preferential Trade Agreements: AGOA Lobbying of Nien-Hsing Dong-Li Hong 2015 77 83-105
Paper Environmental Factors of Fluvial Terraces in the Eastern Coastal Range: With Special Reference to the Spatial Arrangement of Rock Formations Leng-Hsiang Sun and Su-Min Shen 2015 78 1
Paper Experience Economy Model for Island Cotourism: The Case of Turtle Island Chyong-Ru Liu, Ming-Yen Lee and Wei-Rong Lin 2015 78 21
Paper Re-exploring the Development of Irrigation Maps in Taiwan under Early Japanese Colonial Rule: A Case Study of the Irrigation Registers 1903-1908 Chia-Jung Wu and Jinn-Guey Lay 2015 78 39
Paper Environmental Benefit Subsidy Impact on Farmland Use Change Hsueh-Sheng Chang, Yung-Chen Hsu and Tzu-Ling Chen 2015 78 63
Paper Local Vulnerability under the Effect of Spatial Association: A Case Study in Flood-prone Areas of Yunlin Hsueh-Sheng Chang and Pei-Chia Liu 2015 79 1
Paper Tradition and Transition of Urban Development Theory: Toward A Thinking Mode Based on Organic Growth Jhong-You Huang and Shih-Kung Lai 2015 79 31
Paper Fire Severity Mapping Using Airborne Multispectral Images Yi-Ta Hsieh, Jan-Chang Chen, Chaur-Tzuhn Chen, Yuh-Lurng Chung and Shou-Tsung Wu 2015 79 65
Review Review of “Reshaping Economic Geography” Ling-I Chu, Yu-Kai Liao and Yen-Fu Lai 2015 79 85
Paper Challenge of Zheng He’s Expedition against Monsoon across Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea based on QuikSCAT Wind Data Sheng-I Hsu, Chih-Wen Hung and Wee-Chuen Pek 2016 80 1
Paper The Power Relations Analysis on Illegal Use of Lease Forestlands in NTU Experimental Forest Ai-Ching Yen and Chien-Hao Lee 2016 80 23
Paper Expatriation of the City: The Creation of Serviced Apartments Landscape in Wanchai, Hong Kong Shu-Mei Huang 2016 80 55
Review Review of “Material Politics: Disputes Along The Pipeline” Yu-Kai Liao 2016 80 81