Journal of Geographical Science

Volume 21~40

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Paper The Formation and Analysis of Tourism Space in Taiwan: 1950-1995 Su, I-jhy 1996 21 39-64
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Paper The Status of Taiwan's Man-Made Fiber Clothing Industry in the International Division of Labor in the 1960s: An Analysis of Production-and-Marketing Relations Huang, Lee-chiu 1997 22 67-81
Paper Approaches to Regional Geographies Wang, Chiu-yuan, Chao, Chien-hsiung and Ho, Chih-chung 1997 22 83-102
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Paper Preliminary Study of Soil Erosion on Road Side Earth Disposal Hsu, Mei-ling and Liao, Wei-kuo 1997 23 71-88
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Paper Contemporary Immigration of Chinese to North America and Australia Chiang, Lan-hung, Chao, Chien-hsiung and Hsu, C. R. 1998 24 59-84
Paper Development and Applications of Island Biogeography Study Tsai, Huei-min 1998 24 85-98
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Paper Rebuilding the Old Taipei: An Analysis of Urban Renewal Policy Jou, Sue-ching 1999 25 15-43
Paper An Ideological Analysis of Institutionalization of National Parks Law Huang, Yueh-wen 1999 25 45-60
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Paper Application of Caesium-137 Technique in Soil Erosion Studies: A Review and Perspective Lee, Cheing-tung 1999 26 25-44
Paper Landslides in the Reservoir Area of the Three Gorges Project Tang, Chuan 1999 26 45-55
Paper Population Migration of Mainland China--A Case Study of Female Workers in Township Enterprises in KWangtung Chiang, Lan-hung 1999 26 57-70
Paper A Re-examination of the Environment and Pollution Issues in the Zhujiang Delta Dike-Pond Ecological System Wong, Chor-yee 1999 26 71-82
Paper Location Decisions and Economic Incorporation of Taiwanese Migrants in Sydney Chiang, Lan-hung and Hsu, Jung-chung 2000 27 1-19
Paper The Spatial Behavior and Environmental Perceptions of Tourists in the Penghu Islands Ni, Chin-cheng 2000 27 21-40
Paper The Changing Vegetation of the Kuantu Wetland Wang, I-chen, Lee, Cheing-tung and Chu, Tzu-how 2000 27 41-54
Paper ;The Natural Environment, Land Use, and Debris Hazard of Fluvial Fans in the Hualien River Valley Chen, Zue-er 2000 27 55-69
Paper The Historical Approach in Geography Shih, Ya-hsuan 2000 27 71-84
Paper The Paleogeography of the Ancient Taipei Lakebed in the K'anghsi Period Shieh, Ying-tzung 2000 27 85-95
Paper Formalizing Cartographic Knowledge for Layout Design in Automatic Mapping Chang, Chun-lan 2000 28 1-15
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Paper Chain Migration, Network and Zhejiang Village in Beijing: An Epistemological Discussion of the Opposition of Nomothetic and Idiographic Approaches Hsu, Ping-hsiang 2000 28 79-89
Paper The Preliminary Study of the Conceptual Framework of Vernacular Region Heritage Conservation Huang, Fu-tzu 2000 28 91-110
Paper Employment Patterns of Taiwanese Migrants in Australia Chiang, Nora Lan-hung and Song, Yu-ling 2001 29 1-26
Paper Frothing the Summoning of a New State--The Greater Shanghai Project and the Urban Politics of Shanghai, 1927-1937 Kuo, Chi-jeng 2001 29 27-66
Paper Geography and Social Justice Yang, Ping-huang 2001 29 67-92
Paper Intervention Analysis of El Nino, La Nina Effect Precipitation in Taiwan Lay, Li-va 2001 29 93-106
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Paper Interaction between state and society: The establishment of National Park and the awareness of autonomy of the aborigines Yueh-Wen Huang and Chang-Yi David Chang 2001 30 1-18
Paper Gender, Migration and slum lifeworld: Female migrants in Nan Chi Chang Community of Taipei Sue-Ching Jou and Mei-Chin Liu 2001 30 19-53
Paper Neural network kernelled artificial intelligence spatial information analyst Shyang-Woei Lin and Chin-Hong Sun 2001 30 55-70
Paper Estimation of windbreak changes in Yi-Lang coastal zone based on land use distance variables Mei-Ling Hsu 2001 30 71-86
Paper Characteristics of air quality in Changhua City between 1994 and 2000 Chung-Te Chang, Teng-Chiu Lin, and Mei-Li Sheu 2001 30 87-98
Paper Decentralization, participation and protected areas management: Two case studies of wildlife refuges in Taiwan Dau-Jye Lu 2001 30 99-120
Paper The impacts of the September 21st earthquake on indigenous peoples' land rights and the recostruction of place identity in Taiwan Yi-Fong Chen 2002 31 1-15
Paper Regional lock-in effect of agglomeration of firms-Some observations from increasing returns simulations Shih-Kung Lai and Tzeg-Long Chen 2002 31 17-34
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Paper Landscape of flows and spatial-temporal performances-New urban experiences through Taipei MRT Chih-Hung Wang 2002 31 83-115
Paper The Last Tribe? The Shaping of Recreational Space of Simangus Yueh-Wen Huang 2002 32 1-18
Paper Community-based Ecotourism. A Controversial future for a Hakka Township Yu-Ling Song and Lan-Hung Nora Chiang 2002 32 19-40
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Paper Main Alluvial Fan Terraces and Geomorphic Hazards in the Mountain Area of Taiwan Shyh-Jeng Chyi 2002 32 75-87
Paper The Natural Environment,Land Use and Debris Hazard of Fluvial Fans in the Peinan River Valley of Eastern Taiwan Zue-Er Chen 2002 32 89-104
Paper Slope Stability Evaluation in Steep Forested Watershed Jr-Chuan Huang and Mei-Ling Hsu 2003 33 1-18
Paper A Review of Studies of Terrace Correlation in Taiwan Wen-Shu Huang, Heng Tsai and Teng-Chiu Lin 2003 33 19-37
Paper The Influences of Typhoons and the Characteristics of Suspended Sediment Yields in the Upper Catchment of Lan-Yan Chi Meng-Lung Lin and Jiun-Chuan Lin 2003 33 39-53
Paper Process of the Development of Ravine Networks in Conglomerate:A Case Study in the Eastern Flank of the Chukou Hill Po-Yu Chang 2003 33 55-76
Paper Comparisons of Acid Deposition between Changhua City and Taichung City Chung-Te Chang, Teng-Chiu Lin and Mei-Li Sheu 2003 33 77-90
Paper Polycentric Structuration and Governance Politics in Postindustrual Taipei Tsu-Lung Chou 2003 34 1-18
Paper Taipei’s Economic Restructuring and the Constraints of Developing World Chia-Ho Ching 2003 34 19-40
Paper Globalization and Downtown Development-Hsinyi-Planning District in the Image of“Manhattan of Taipei” Sue-Ching Jou 2003 34 41-60
Paper Community Participation in Taipei’s Urban Planning in the 1990s-The Impacts of the Globalization Process, Local Politics and Neighborhood Response Li-Ling Huang 2003 34 61-78
Paper Between the Public and the Private-Territorial Change of the Public Realm Hung-Jen Tan 2003 34 79-94
Paper A Comparison of Spatial Distribution of Storm-Triggered and Earthquake-Triggered Landslides-The Case of the Chenyulan Drainage Basin Tzu-Yin Chang, Mei-Ling Hsu 2004 35 1-16
Paper Short-Term Morphological Fluctuation of the Tamsui Estuary- A Case Study on the Watsuwei, Taipei, Taiwan Chun-Ting Lai, Jiun-Chuan Lin and Chia-Hung Jen 2004 35 17-34
Paper A Spatial Dynamic Model for the Study of Urban Land Use Change Ko-Wan Tsou and Yao-Lin Chang 2004 35 35-51
Paper The Social Production of Suburban Dwelling in Colonial Shanghai Chi-Jeng Kuo 2004 35 53-80
Paper Cultural Economy and Cultural Representation of Place in Geography Bang-Kuen Liang and Chang-Yi Chang 2004 35 81-99
Paper Developing and Evaluating a Participatory Forum for Community Involvement in Natural Protected Area Management-A Case Study of the Formosan Landlocked Salmon Wildlife Refuge Kuang-Chung Lee and Shin Wang 2004 36 1-22
Paper Local Clustering and Organizational Governance of Trans-border Production Networks-A case study of Taiwanese IT Companies in the Greater Suzhou Area You-Ren Yang and Chu-Joe Hsia 2004 36 23-54
Paper Social Spatialization in an Urban Commercial Area-A Case Study of Anping Road Shopping Street in Tainan Kung-Hung Chen 2004 36 55-75
Paper On the Taipei Dammed Lake Louis S. Teng, Chyi-Tyi Lee, Ping-Mei Liew, Sheng-Rong Song, Shuh-Jong Tsao, Huan-Chi Liu and Chih-Hsiung Peng 2004 36 77-100
Paper Trends of Monthly Mean of Diurnal Temperature Range (DTR) in Taiwan Li-Va Lay and Shan-Hsin Chiang 2004 36 101-116
Paper Discerning Chi-Chi Earthquake-induced Landslide Using Data Mining Technique Ming-Cheng Tsou and Chin-Hong Sun 2004 36 117-131
Paper The Development of Community-based Conservation in Taiwan-A Review of Three Recent Cases Dau-Jye Lu 2004 37 1-25
Paper Traditional Institution and the Institutional Choice-Two CPR Self Governing Cases of Atayal Tribe in Taiwan Indigenes Ai-Ching Yen and Da-Wei Kuan 2004 37 27-49
Paper Tourism Landscape, Qalang and Nagsal-A Study of the Relationships between Culture and Common-pool Resource Management at Smangus, Hsin-Chu Goang-Jih Horng and Chun-Chiang Lin 2004 37 51-97
Paper The Creation of a New Aboriginal Spatial Mosaic-A Study of the Aboriginal Re-settlement at San-Ho Village, Ping-Tung County Ting-Hsiang Chen and Blanks Shew-Jiuan Su 2004 37 99-122
Paper A Clustering Analysis of the Vehicle Routing Problem with a Single Depot Chih-Yuan Chen and Tzu-How Chu 2004 37 123-137
Paper Changing Water Resources, Quality and Pollution in the Kao-Ping Watershed Chia-Hung Jen, Jiun-Chuan Lin, Wen-Kai Chao and Mei-Ling Hsu 2004 37 139-160
Paper The Geomorphic Characteristics of Debris Flows in the Ninety-Nine Peaks Area, Nantou Kong-Kang Lu and Mei-Ling Hsu 2004 38 1-16
Paper Relationships of Specific Sediment Yield to Rainfall in the Middle Yellow River Basin Jin-Fa Lu 2004 38 17-29
Paper Hazard Zonation of Debris Flows in the Three River Parallel Area of Yunnan Chuan Tang 2004 38 31-46
Paper River Terraces and Landscape Evolution in the Nantzuhsien Drainage Basin Chi-Lan Kung and Shyh-Jeng Chyi 2004 38 47-62
Paper The Roles of Social Agents in the Rejuvenation of Recreational Space in New Pei-Tou Taipei Yueh-Wen Huang 2004 38 63-91
Paper A Comparitive and Integrated Study of a Predictive Model in Spatial Data Mining-The Case of Chi-Chi Earthquake-induced Landslide Spatial Database Ming-Cheng Tsou and Chin-Hong Sun 2004 38 93-109
Paper Trend Analysis of Water Quality in the Upper Watershed of the Feitsui Reservoir Cheng-Wei Kuo and Cheing-Tung Lee 2004 38 111-128
Paper A Study on the Application of Actor Network Theory to Rural Development -A Case Study on the Development of Chiu-FenSettlement from 1895 to 1945 Chen-Jai Lee 2005 39 1-30
Paper Cultural Economy and Social Capital of AboriginalTribe Tourism -A Case Study of Saviki Community Bank-Kuen Liang and Chang-Yi Chang 2005 39 31-51
Paper Influence of Area and Space Dependence for Hypsometric Integral and its Geological Implications Yen-Chien Chen, Kaung-Yu Cheng and Quo-Cheng Sung 2005 39 53-69
Paper The Effect of DEM Resolution and Flow Direction Algorithms on Contributing Area Calculation Yi-Chen Yang, Mei-Ling Hsu and Jin-Gueu Lay 2005 39 71-90
Paper Social and Cultural Geographies of Southeast Asia Tim Bunnell, Lily Kong and Lisa Law 2005 40 1-16
Paper High-income Housing and their Building Blocs in Taipei-A Case Study of Luxurious Condominiums in Xinyi Center Jun-Hua Lin and Sue-Ching Jou 2005 40 17-43
Paper The Industrial Cluster and Institutional Thickness in Nangang Software Industrial Park Tai-Ming Ben and Kuang-Fu Ma 2005 40 45-67
Paper Global Shifts, Developmental State and the Town-Rural Planning Revisited in Taiwan-A Geographic Enquiry and Governance Crisis for the Adaptation of Urban Entrepreneurialism Yung-Jaan Lee, I-Chih Lan and Han-Hwa Juang 2005 40 69-97
Paper The Correlation between Temperature Changes and Economic Development in Taiwan since 1960 Li-Va Lay and Shan-Hsin Chiang 2005 40 99-116