Journal of Geographical Science

Volume 1~20

Paper Editorial Note Chi-Hsun Hsueh 1962 1 1
Paper A Study on the Monsoon in China Sea Chien-Hsiung Yang 1962 1 1-24
Paper On the Monsoon Characteristics Observed at Hsinchu,Taiwan Chi-Hsun Hsueh and Chien-Hsiung Yang 1962 1 25-29
Paper A Study on East-Asia Weather Types Chi-Hsun Hsueh 1962 1 30-47
Paper On the Application of East-Asia Weather Types in Forecasting Weather Chi-Hsun Hsueh 1962 1 48-63
Paper A Study on Meteorological Influences on Tabacco Cultivation in Taiwan Ping-Jan Tsiang 1962 1 64-97
Paper The Geographical Foundation of Agriculture in Taoyuan Hsien,Taiwan Lu-Ping Lee 1962 1 98-114
Paper Etude sur les observations microclimatologique dans le champ de mais Ping-Jan Tsiang 1962 1 115-146
Paper The Reduction of Evaporation from Water Surface Shao-Hou Ling 1962 1 147-175
Paper The Frequency Distribution of the Annual Maxima of Meteorological Elements Chien-Hsiung Yang 1962 1 176
Paper On the Application of East Asia Summer Weather Types in Forecasting Weather Chi-Hsun Hsueh 1964 2 13
Paper A study on Meteorological Influence on Cotton Cultivation in Taiwan Ping-Jan Tsiang 1964 2 43
Paper Mean Atmosphere over Taipei Shao-Hou Ling 1964 2 62
Paper The Geographical Foundation of Land Use in Yangmingshan Lu-Ping Lee 1964 2 98
Paper A Study on the Influences of Rainfall and Stream Discharge on the Cultivation of Rice and Sugar Cane in the Five Main River Valleys in Taiwan Ping-Jan Tsiang 1964 2 142
Paper Geographical Characteristics of Pu Li Basin Hung-Wen Wang 1964 2 158
Paper The Geographical Foundation of Agriculture in Yunlin Hsien,Taiwan Chiu-Yuan Wang 1964 2 176
Paper The Reduction of Reservoir Evaporation Loss Shao-Hou Ling 1964 2 1-12
Paper Desert Types, Distribution and Effects upon the World’s Economic Development Kuei-Sheng Chang 1965 3 1
Paper The Influence of Winter Monsoon on Taiwan Agriculture Ping-Jan Tsiang 1965 3 14
Paper The Geographical Foundation of Land Use in I-Lan Delta Plain Lu-Ping Lee 1965 3 28
Paper Diurnal Variations of Upper-Air Temperature,Pressure and Humidity over Taipei Shao-Hou Ling 1965 3 58
Paper A Preliminary Study on the Air Current over Taiwan Yu-Chin Kang 1965 3 73
Paper Climatic Characteristics of Nan-T’ou Country and Its Influences to Agriculture and Forestry Hung-Wen Wang 1965 3 93
Paper On the Monsoons of Pengchiayu,Penghu and Lanyu,Taiwan Shao-Hou Ling 1967 4 1
Paper The Geographical Foundation of Settlement Distribution in the Twin Rivers Valley-Fengshan R. and Touchien R.,Taiwan Lu-Ping Lee 1967 4 23
Paper Climate of Yangmingshan Area Yu-Chin Kang 1967 4 61
Paper The Wind in Taiwan and the Evaluation of its Utilization Ken-Chuan Chou 1967 4 102
Paper Long-term Variations of Temperature and Precipitation at Taipei Li Peng 1967 4 125
Paper The Geographical factors of the Development of Chung-Ho Hsiang,Taipei Hsien Hung-Wen Wang 1967 4 137
Paper A Study on the Problems of Water Resources Chiu-Yuan Wang 1967 4 170
Paper The Physical Geography Foundation of the Communications in Taipei Basin Lu-Ping Lee 1968 5 1
Paper On the Characteristics of the Precipitation in Taiwan Yu-Chin Kang 1968 5 25
Paper A Research and Discussion on Definite Precipitation Measurements Ken-Chuan Chou 1968 5 48
Paper Geographical Characteristics of Yu-Chih Hsiang,Nan-Tou Hsien Hung-Wen Wang 1968 5 66
Paper Persistence and Probability of Daily Rainfall Occurrence at Taipei Li Peng 1968 5 107
Paper The Topography of the Shin-Tein-Chi and Development of Village Along Its Course Chiu-Yuan Wang 1968 5 115
Paper Some Aspects of Shifting Cultivation in the Humid Tropics Chiu-Yuan Wang 1969 6 1
Paper On the Structure of Baroclinic Unstable Long Waves as a Function of the Zonal Wind Profile Li Peng 1969 6 12
Paper The Measurement of Evapotranspiration Ken-Chuan Chou 1969 6 34
Paper Geographical Foundation of the Assam Tea Development Region in Nan-Tou Hsian Hung-Wen Wang 1969 6 63
Paper On the Characteristics of Precipitation at Peng-Chia-yu,Peng-Hu and Lan-Yu,Taiwan Yu-Chin Kang 1969 6 98
Paper The Physical Geography Foundation of Land Use in Linkow Tableland Lu-Ping Lee 1969 6 118
Paper One the Question of the Use of Cloud Brightness As an Indicator of Cloud Development S. P. Ho 1971 7 1
Paper Climatic Methods for Estimating the Total Runoff of a River Basin Chiu-Yuan Wang 1971 7 14
Paper A Study on Landuse of the Mountainous and Hilly Area in The Central Part of the Taiwan Island Hung-Wen Wang 1971 7 26
Paper Investigation of Calibrating Methods of Meteorological Instruments Ken-Chuan Chou 1971 7 77
Paper Stability of the Lower Atmosphere at Taipei,Taiwan Yu-Chin Kang 1971 7 93
Paper The Physical Geography Foundation of Land Use in Hsinchu Tidal Land Lu-Ping Lee 1971 7 114
Paper Geographical Environments to the Development of Animal Husbandry industry in Taiwan Hung-Wen Wang 1971 7 134
Paper An Entropy Measurement of Highway Settlement Pattern L. H. Wang and C. Y. Wang 1971 7 186
Paper Some Factors Affecting the Usage of Mass Transit in the Journey to Work in Metropolitan Areas S. C. Wang and C. Y. Wang 1974 8 1
Paper The Geomorphic Foundation of the Transportation Routes Linking Suao and Hualien T. L. Hsu and M. S. Chai 1974 8 21
Paper The Physical Geography Foundation of Land Use on the Western Slope of the Tatu Tableland L. P. Lee and M. S. Chai 1974 8 33
Paper An Examination of the Distance Exponent of the Gravity Model and An Evaluation of Its Temporal Stability Lan-Hung Chiang 1974 8 51
Paper Wandlungen in Der Landnutzung Des Beckens Von Taipei und Seiner Oestlichen Umrahmung Wilfried Koch 1974 8 63
Paper Physical Characteristics of the Drainage Basins of Taiwan Chiu-Yuan Wang 1974 8 73
Paper On the Exploitation,Utilization and the Future of Energy Resources in Taiwan Hung-Wen Wang 1974 8 93
Paper An Analysis of Rainfall in the Lanyang Drainage Area Li-Chu Huang 1974 8 131
Paper The Physical Geography Foundation of Land Use in the Taichung Basin L. P. Lee and M. S. Chai 1977 9 1
Paper Landscape Preference Analysis-A Study of Values of Outdoor Recreation Among Chinese Students in Texas Chang-Yi Chang 1977 9 23
Paper A Study of Age Structure in the Taipei-Keelung Region Lan-Hung Chiang 1977 9 39
Paper Coastal Thematic Mapping by Density Slicing ERTS-1 Imagery of Western Taiwan Shin Wang 1977 9 53
Paper An Analytical Survey of the Land Resources of the Upper and Middle Sections of the Keelung Valley Hung-Wen Wang 1977 9 69
Paper Flood,New Towns,and the Development of Northern Taiwan Region Y. H. Fan 1977 9 87
Paper The Land Utilization Analysis of Miaoli Slopeland Chiu-Yuan Wang 1977 9 95
Paper A Geographical Analysis of Land Resource Utilization in the Taichung Harbor Special District Lu-Ping Lee 1977 9 109
Paper A Study on the Growth of San-Chung City in the Last Ten Years Bor-Shiou Sheu 1977 9 123
Paper An Evaluation of Development Programs of Slopeland in Taiwan-A Case Study of Tsaochiao Community Chang-Yi Chang and Chiu-Yuan Wang 1979 10 1
Paper Population in a Marginal Environment-the Case of Tsaochiao Agricultural and Pastoral Community Lan-Hung Chiang 1979 10 29
Paper Terrain Analysis of Shihmen Watershed Shin Wang, B. H. Lee and C. H. Sun 1979 10 43
Paper An Analytical Study on the Efficiency of the Check Dams in the Watershed of Shihmen Reservoir S. C. Chang, M. L. Hsu and S. C. Huang 1979 10 73
Paper Surveying the Submarine Topography of Coastal Waters for Fish Culture with Panchromatic Orthographic Photograph Y. H. Fan 1979 10 97
Paper The Role Of the Sugar Industry in Taiwan’s Historical Development Jack F. Williams 1979 10 117
Paper A Locational Analysis of the Development of the Kaohsiung Steel Mill Hung-Wen Wang 1979 10 137
Paper Redistributed Population in the South-East Economic Region,England S. C. Wang and C. Y. Wang 1979 10 155
Paper An Analysis of the Changes of Resources Utilization and Their Environmental Impact on Te-Che Watershed in Taiwan C. Y. Chang, C. Y. Wang and I. Wan 1982 11 1
Paper Route Study of the New Transisland Highway Shin Wang and Y. Y. Lin 1982 11 15
Paper Ecological Analysis of the Natural Resources and Environment of the Watershed of Taipei Area Vallant T. Liu 1982 11 33
Paper Feasibility Study on an Artificial Lake in Hsing-Chu Science-based Industrial Park Yii-Der You and Shing-Shing Hor 1982 11 63
Paper Evaluation of Regulations Affecting Slopeland Development in Eastern Taipei Basin Y. H. Fan 1982 11 73
Paper A Model Analysis for Slopeland Development in the Pakuashan Area,Taiwan Y. H. Fan and Y. S. Cheung 1982 11 101
Paper An Analysis on Water Inflow of Major Reservoirs and Drought Occurrence in Taiwan in 1980 Y. S. Cheung 1982 11 115
Paper The Geographical Environment and Out-Migration from Villages in Taiwan Lan-Hung Chiang 1982 11 125
Paper Regional Problems in the European Community Manfred Kuder 1982 11 161
Paper A Geographical Analysis of Agricultural Modernization in Communist China Hung-Wen Wang 1982 11 169
Paper Geomorphological Land Classification Shin Wang and Y. Y. Lin 1985 12 1
Paper Fluvial Landforms of the Tahanchi and the Lanyangchi Areas and Their Significance in Recent Tectonic Movement T. L. Hsu and C. T. Lee 1985 12 27
Paper The Physical Environment and the Fluvial Soil Properties- in Hou-Lung-Chi Watershed Mei-Ling Hsu 1985 12 35
Paper Case Studies on Geological Disasters in Slopeland of Taiwan Shih-Chiao Chang 1985 12 63
Paper A Framework for Evaluation of Slopeland Development Y. H. Fan 1985 12 123
Paper A Study of Integrated Rural Development Programs and Regional Growth Strategies in Taiwan Chiu-Yuan Wang 1985 12 141
Paper A Study of Attitudes and Behavior of Tourists in the Taroko National Park L. H. Chiang and L. S. Yang 1985 12 151
Paper Spatial Variations in Cognition of Environmental Change – The Case of a Rural Settlement in Taiwan Chang-Yi Chang 1985 12 177
Paper A Comparative Analysis of Resettlers’ and Non- resettlers’ Response to Environmental Changes –A Case Study of Shin-Chu Science-Based Industrial Park Chang-Yi Chang and Yung-Lung Yang 1985 12 193
Paper The Spatial Pattern of Poliomyelitis Epidemics in Taiwan,1982 Chun-Lan Chang 1985 12 215
Paper Petroleum Resources and Strategies in Mainland China Hung-Wen Wang 1985 12 239
Paper Attempt to Investigate Social-Economic Impact and Change of Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park –Analysis of Population Related Factor is Composed of population Growth and Migration Chang-Yi Chang and Yung-Lung Yang 1988 13 1
Paper Engineering Environmental Geological Investigation and Environmental Impact Assessment for Road Line in Mountainous Area S. C. Chang and S. J. Chyi 1988 13 45
Paper An Investigation of Knowledge and Preference and Their Relationship to Socio-Economic Characteristics of Tourists in the Kenting National Park Lan-Hung Chiang and Yin-Yuh Liu 1988 13 73
Paper The Climate of Taiwan’s Mei-Yu(Plum-Rain) Shan-Hsin Chiang 1988 13 93
Paper The Development of Spatial Measurements in Settlement Patterns Chien-Hsiung Chao 1988 13 109
Paper The Applications of Remote Sensing and Expert System Techniques on Geographic Information System Tshow Chu 1988 13 119
Paper Shenchen Special Economic Zone –A Geographical Analysis Y. H. Fan 1988 13 131
Paper A Study of the Cavernous Rocks in Yehliu Mei-Ling Hsu 1988 13 141
Paper A Feasibility Study for the Development of the National Geographic Information System Chin-Hong Sun 1988 13 157
Paper Agricultural Land Use Capability Analysis on Slopeland –An Application of Geographical Information System Chin-Hong Sun and Chun-Lan Chang 1988 13 175
Paper A Query Approach for GIS Data Base Systems Design Bor-Wen Tsai 1988 13 189
Paper A Study of Regional Development Theory and Policy –The Interaction of Cities and Regional Development Chiu-Yuan Wang 1988 13 205
Paper Research on the Physical Geographical Characteristics and Land-Uses on the Loess Plateau Hung-Wen Wang 1988 13 215
Paper Landscape Study in Yen-Liao Area Shin Wang, J. G. Lay, L. Y. Sheu, Fang-Jeng Pu 1988 13 223
Paper Changing patterns of Mangrove in Taiwan Lyndon Wester 1988 13 237
Paper The Prime Environmental Policy Problem in Taiwan –A Study of Environmental Stress and Political Conflict Over Slopeland Development in the Te-Chi Watershed Chang-Yi Chang 1990 14 1
Paper Landslides and Their Environmental Impacts in Northern Taiwan (1968-1986) Shih-Chiao Chang 1990 14 11
Paper Assessment of Normal Monthly Evaporation in Taiwan Shan-Hsin Chiang, K. F. Lo, I. H. Liu and Yu-Cheng Chiang 1990 14 29
Paper Applying Remote Sensing Techniques in Establishing A Nation-Wide Survey System for Land Use in The Taiwan Area Tshow Chu 1990 14 41
Paper A Conceptual Framework for Relating Slope Land Use to Its Environment Y. H. Fan 1990 14 59
Paper The Study of Factors Which Influence Residents’ Perception of Air Quality and Reaction Behavior Mei-Ling Hsu 1990 14 71
Paper Resource Development and Adjustment Behavior –A Study of Mining Settlements in Pinghsi Rural Township Yin-Yuh Liu and Lan-Hung Chiang 1990 14 81
Paper Development of the National Geographic Information System in Taiwan Chin-Hong Sun 1990 14 101
Paper Coastal Erosion and Deposition of Chang-Hua,Taiwan –By Using Multi-Date Remotely Sensed Imagery Shin Wang, Ming-Jang Lin and Fang-Jeng Pu 1990 14 109
Paper Quantifying Soil Erosion on Slopelands in the Bajun Watershed, Taiwan Chiang, Shan-Hsin 1992 15 1-14
Paper Decision Support System for Land Suitability Modelling- A Pilot Study Sun, Chin-Hong, Wang, Neng-Chau, Jang, Danny and Yang, Shih-Hsing 1992 15 15-23
Paper Analysis of Slope Stability for the Burnt Area on Berkeley Hills Hsu, Mei-Ling 1992 15 25-39
Paper Interpreting Environmental Ethics: Geography's Potential Role in Environmental Education Simpson, Steven V. 1992 15 41-47
Paper An Over-All Plan for the Natural Resources and Ecological Data Base of the National GIS Chu, Tzu-How 1992 15 49-62
Paper Slope Erosion of the Hoyenshan Area of Miaoli, Taiwan Lin, Jiun-Chuan 1992 15 63-79
Paper Policy Analysis of Sand and Gravel Quarrying in the Lan-Yang River Chang, Chang-Yi and Huang, Chuang-Hong 1992 15 81-91
Paper Geomorphological Analysis of Slope Stability Along the New East-West Trans-Island Highway Corridor Wang, Shin and Lee, Kuang-Chung 1992 15 93-107
Paper An Application of GIS and Remote Sensing Interpretation for Land Use Analysis in the Shimen Dam Watershed Fan, Y.H. 1992 15 109-126
Paper Marx and Engels's Conception of Urban Studies- A Historical Materialist Approach Chao, Chien-Hsiung 1992 15 127-146
Paper 9/132/volume-1~20-geographic-information-system-and-cognitive-science?filter_order=col5&start=0">Geographic Information System and Cognitive Science Tsai, Bor-Wen 1992 15 147-151
Paper A Comparative Study of Land Use in Central Business Districts in Taipei- Case Studies of Shi-Men and Ding-How Commercial Areas Wu, Mei-Jen 1992 15 153-177
Paper A Study of Land-Use Change in the Chia-Nan Flood Plain Chiang, Shan-Hisn and Yu, Ching-Yuan 1993 16 1-20
Paper A Study on Spatial Differentiation of Environmental Hazards Perception in the Coastal Region of the I-Lan Plain Chang, Chang-Yi David and Chou, Wen-Ling 1993 16 21-33
Paper The Interaction of Living Spheres of Influence and (UN) Even Regional Development in Taiwan Wang, Chiu-Yuan and Chao, Chien-Hsiung 1993 16 35-59
Paper Landscape Study of the Upper Reaches of Pei-Shi Chi Wang, Shin and Lee, K.C. 1993 16 61-73
Paper Motivations for Outdoor Recreation Participation: A Cross-National Analysis of Taiwan, Japan, and the United States Carlton Yoshioka, Steven Simpson, Randy Virden 1993 16 75-85
Paper A New Design of a Geographic Data Supply Management System Applying Systematic Geographic Query Concepts Chu, Tzu-How 1993 16 87-101
Paper Mechanism of Slope Failure and Slope Morphology in Semiarid Loess Areas Jane, Wen-Ling 1994 17 1-12
Paper Spatial Analysis of Landform Development-Chokou River Wang, Shin and Lei, Hung-Fei 1994 17 13-31
Paper The River Terraces of Liwu Creek Chyi, Shyh-Jeng 1994 17 33-46
Paper Monitoring slope Ersion of Conglomerate Rock- A Case Study of the Hoyenshan Area, Mid-Western Taiwan Lin, Jiun-Chuan 1994 17 47-64
Paper A Study of Inversion in Taipei Areas Chiang, Shan-Hisn, Lo, Andrew K. F., Liu, Fu-Chi 1994 17 65-76
Paper The Use of GPS in GIS Applications Tsai, Bor-Wen 1994 17 77-85
Paper A Comparative Study of Digital Terrain Models Lay, Jinn-Guey 1994 17 87-99
Paper An Urban GIS Integration Plan- Kaohsiung City as the Study Area Chu, Tzu-How 1994 17 101-122
Paper Policy Impact Analysis of Cement Industry on Eastern Regional Development of Taiwan Chang, Chang-Yi David and Wang, Wan-Bunne 1994 17 123-146
Paper Patterns of Residential Differentiation in the Taipei Metropolitan Area Jou, Sue-Ching and Chan, Li-Fan 1994 17 147-168
Paper The Early Development of Chinese Traditional Time-Space Structuring Chao, Chien-Hsiung 1994 17 169-183
Paper Recent Advances in Medical Geography and Geographical Epidemiology Armstrong, R.W. 1994 17 185-194
Paper A Grid-Based Model for Predicting Dynamic Soil Pore Pressure Hsu, Mei-Ling 1995 18 1-21
Paper A study of the Urban Heat Island Effect in Western Taiwan Chiang, Shan-Hsin, Lo, Andrew K. F. and Wu, Ke-Mao 1995 18 23-34
Paper River Capture in the Lienhuachih Area Chyi, shyh-jeng 1995 18 35-44
Paper The Evolutionary Model of Mudrock Slope Lin, jiun-chuan 1995 18 45-58
Paper The Development Processes and Characteristics of Taiwan's Textile Industry Huang, Lee-chiu 1995 18 59-89
Paper Land Use Impacts on Recreational Resource Development in the Tao-Yuan Coastal Region Chang, chang-yi David and Ni, chin-cheng 1995 18 91-106
Paper Temporal Measuring of Spatial Barrier Taipei Metropolitan Area in 1993 Wang, Chiu-yuan and Chao, chien-hsiung 1995 18 107-130
Paper A Study to Forecast the Changing Residential Functions: The Case of Ilan after the Completion of the Pei-I Freeway Jou, sue-ching 1995 18 131-150
Paper The Rasterization Issue in GIS Tsai, Bor-wen and Ding, Tsu-jen 1995 18 151-159
Paper Construction of a Classification Scheme of Remote Sensing Image Measures Applying a Linguistic Approach Chu, tzu-how and Lin win-shung 1995 18 161-175
Paper A Grid-Based Model for Predicting Potential Shallow Landslides Hsu, mei-ling 1995 19 1-15
Paper Interrill Erosion Processes:Ⅰ. Laboratory Experiments on Splash and Wash Dynamics Lee, cheing-tung 1995 19 17-32
Paper Geological Properties of Debris Flow in Its Initiative Mechanism at Tungmen Village, Hualien Area Chen, Hongey 1995 19 33-49
Paper Fluvial Landscape Evolution and Geomorphic Hazards Chyi, shyh-jeng 1995 19 51-69
Paper Mechanism of the Cliff Retreat in Huatung Coast, Eastern Taiwan: Preliminary Discussions on Cliff-Forming Materials and Storm Surges Hsu, Ming-yang and Shen, su-min 1995 19 71-90
Paper Accuracy Analysis of Digital Land-use Data Lay, jinn-guey 1995 19 91-103
Paper Interrill Erosion Processes:Ⅱ. Laboratory Experiments on Temporal Variations in Splash and Wash Dynamics Lee, Cheing-tung and Sutherland, Ross A. 1996 20 1-17
Paper Interrelationship of Soil Erosion and Crop Productivity Lo, Kwong Fai A., Lin, Mu-lien and Chiang, Shan-hsin 1996 20 19-32
Paper A Study of Slope Erosion on Taitung Lichi Mudrock Slopes- A Field Experiment of Rainfall Simulation Lin, Jiun-chuan and Zen, Chia-horn 1996 20 33-47
Paper Paleoclimate of Coastal California and Its Geomorphic Implication Hsu, Mei-ling 1996 20 49-59
Paper Digital Elevation Model(DEM) and Geomorphometry: Issues of Data Resolution Lay, Jinn-guey 1996 20 61-73
Paper The Evolution of Urban Real Estate Market and the Change of Urban Residential Structure in the United States Jou, Sue-ching 1996 20 75-91
Paper Human Geography in Anglo-America in the Twentieth Century Lin, George S. C. 1996 20 93-110