Journal of Geographical Science

Volume 61~77

Title Authors Year Volume Pages
Vertical Production and Spatial Proximity: Manufacturing Industries in Taiwan Yung-Chi Yen, Shiann-Far Kung, Leonard F. S. Wang 2015 77 1-30
Remapping National Geography in the Street-naming of H Ch Minh City Peter Kang 2015 77 31-48
The Evolution and Develpment of Vulnerability Studies Kuan-Hui Elaine Lin, Chang-Yi Chang 2015 77 49-82
Cross-border Interactions in Non-reciprocal Preferential Trade Agreements: AGOA Lobbying of Nien-Hsing Dong-Li Hong 2015 77 83-105
How GIS Can Advance Geographic Competency in Children Tsu-Jen Ding, Ya-Hui Huan 2015 76 1-23
Three Vital Functions of Agriculture as Institutional Alleviation: Taiwan’s Farmland Neoliberalization, Regulation Process, and the Restructuring of Agricultural Regime I-Chih Lan, Chen-Jai Lee 2015 76 25--68
Spatial Inference and Political Behavior: The Application of Maximum Entropy Method for TEDS2012 Survey Data Chang-Ping Lin, I-Hui Wu, Yung-Ming Hsu 2015 76 69-95
Indigenous Ecological Knowledge and Contemporary Disaster Management: A Case Study on the Tayal Communities Experience in the Watershed of Shih-Men Reservoir Da-Wei Kuan 2015 76 97-132
Application of 1979-2009 Digital Orthophotos and Digital Terrain Models to Investigate Surface Changes in Tsaoling Landslide Area Ruo-Ying Wu, Ruo-Fei Chen, Chih-Yu Kuo and Kuo-Jen Chang 2015 75 1-27
The Study of Regional Disaster System for Hai-Duan: Township in Taitung of Taiwan Cheng-Yao Hung and Hsueh-Mei Lin 2015 75 29-56
Geomorphic Processes of Marine Terraces Based on Pedogenic Features: A Case Study of the West Hengchun Hills Wen-Shu Huang, Heng Tsai and Zeng-Yei Hseu 2015 75 57-80
Effect of Satellite Image Pre-processing on Vegetation Change Detection Su-Fen Wang, Chia-Hua Yu and Ya-Tin Liu 2015 75 81-99
Review of “The Revenge of Geography” Wen-Chuan Robert Tsai 2015 75 101-104
The Impact of Human Activities on Air Quality: Holiday Effect of the Kaohsiung Metropolitan Area as an Example Pei-Hua Tan and Chen-Yi Sun 2015 74 1-30
Children’s Independent Mobility to School in Small Satellite Towns: An Empirical Study on the Taishan and Yishiue Elementary Schools, New Taipei City Chuan-Ming Tung and Hsn-I Hsu 2015 74 31-61
Transformation of the Waterfront’s Meaning and Function in the Taipei Metropolitan Area Chih-Hung Wang, Jo-Tzu Huang and Han-Ru Lee 2015 74 63-86
Typhoon Damages and Local Vulnerability in River Basins: The Case of Typhoon Morakot Hung-Chih Hung, Yi-Chung Liu and Sung-Ying Chien 2015 74 87-106
Factors Affecting Local Temperature Distribution in Taiwan Pei-Hua Tan and Ya-Chi Tseng 2014 73 1-27
Understanding Place bonding to Places Never Visited Chia-Kuen Cheng and Hui-Yu Kuo 2014 73 29-52
Air-defense Grounds and Zones in Taipei City during World War II and their Changes after the War Chih-wen Hung 2014 73 53-77