Journal of Geographical Science

Volume 41~60

Paper The Impact of Cartographic Generalization on Environmental Change Research-A Case Study of Taiwanese Map Data Jinn-Guey Lay and Ko-Hua Yap 2005 41 1-23
Paper Re-Examining the Savanna Hypothesis in Terms of Scenic Beauty, Preference and Restoration Ke-Tsung Han 2005 41 25-44
Paper A Hot Topic in Medical Geography-Studies of New Infectious Diseases Mei-Hui Li 2005 41 45-64
Paper Applying Public Participation Geographic Information System to the Study of the Traditional Territories of Indigenous Peoples-A Case of Atayal Smangus Community Chun-Chiang Lin, Chang-Yi Chang, Bor-Wen Tsai, Cheing-Tung Lee, Tsu-Jen Ding and Yu-Ting Li 2005 41 65-82
Paper Evaluation and Analysis of Public Participation in the Community Forestry Project in the Luotung Forest District Lung-Chih Chung, Shyue-Cherng Liaw, Wan-Jiun Chen, Giong-Lian Liu and Mei-Hui Chen 2005 41 83-100
Review Book Review: Global Taiwan and the Future of Taiwan’s Industrial Development Chia-Ho Ching 2005 41 101-106
Paper Cultural Heritage in the Age of Globalization-A Critical Review of Historic Preservation Theories Liang-Yi Yen 2005 42 1-24
Paper Feminist Geography and Its Sluggish Development in Taiwan Hua-Sun Chang 2005 42 25-46
Paper Exploring the Spatial Cognition in Early Maps-A Case Study of “The Territorial Map of Taiwan” 1878 Jinn-Guey Lay, Ching-Chi Huang, Ko-Hua Yap 2005 42 47-68
Paper Classification of Urban Vacant Land with Earthquake Disaster Prevention Mechanism-Case Study of Nan-tou City Ming-Shen Wang, Yung-Lung Lee, Tsung-Cheng Huang 2005 42 69-93
Paper The Consumption Landscape of Taiwan’s Baseball Field Shi-Zheng Wu, Shew-Jiuan Blank Su 2006 43 1-22
Paper The Fluid Landscapes of Sexuality-Historical Geographical Studies of “Gay” Sex along the Love River in Kaohsiung from 1960 to 2000 Wen-Yu Wu 2006 43 23-38
Paper Temporal and Spatial Characteristics of Environmental Issues at the “Our Island” Program in the Public Television Service Jing-Ping Wang, Shyue-Cherng Liaw 2006 43 39-60
Paper Beyond the Discipline and Transition of Migration Studies in Human Geography-A Comparison between Taiwanese and Anglophonic Studies Yu-Ling Song 2006 43 61-79
Paper Integrated Assessment of Urban Debris Flow Hazards Using RS/GIS-A Case Study of Dongchuan Urban Area, Kunming City, China Chuan Tang, Takashi Okimura 2006 44 1-22
Paper Parameter Calibration in A Process-Based Soil Depth Estimation Model -Assuming Local Steady State Shou-Hao Chiang, Mei-Ling Hsu 2006 44 23-38
Paper Landscape Sensitivity of Mud Volcanoes-A Geomorphic System Approach Quo-Cheng Sung, Lie Chen 2006 44 39-53
Paper Hydraulics and Sediment Characteristics of the Yellow River and the Impact of Flow and Sediment Regulation on the Discharge and Sediment Flux to the Sea Dong Wang, Shao-Ming Pan, Ji-Chun Wu, Qing-Ping Zhu 2006 44 55-65
Paper Problems on Archaeological Sites Distribution during Neolithic Age to Shang-Zhou Dynasties in North Jiangsu Province Cheng Zhu, Chaogui Zheng, Weiwei Gu, Mingfang Han 2006 44 67-78
Paper Study on Domestic Tourist Market of Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, China Xiaowei Wu, Qiaohua Huang, Qing Zhao 2006 44 79-90
Paper The Application of Soil Development Index to Terraces Correlation in Choushui River Basin Area Wen-Shu Huang, Heng Tsai, Zeng-Yei Hseu 2006 45 1-20
Paper Cluster Absorptive Capability and Learning of the Industry-The Case Study of Taiwan’s Bicycle Industry Yu-Chun Lin, Chia-Ho Ching 2006 45 21-50
Paper A Study of the Location Selection for Urban Neighborhood Park Wann-Ming Wey, Hung-Chin Lin 2006 45 51-71
Paper The Location and Function of Malan Amis’ Men’s Houses Affected by the Social Changes in Taitung Yu-Fen Lee 2006 45 73-94
Paper Cross-border Integration and Governance of the Greater Pearl River Delta, China-A Political Economic Analysis Chun Yang 2006 45 95-112
Paper Establishment of the Links Among Community-based Conservation, Indigenous Hunting and Wildlife Management Dau-Jye Lu, Wen-Ching Wu, K. Jai-Chyi Pei, Sasala Taiban 2006 46 1-29
Paper Utilizing Spatial Technology and Landscape Ecology Indices to Analyze the Influences of the Land Cover Transition in Kenting National Park Re-Yang Lee, Shih-Chiang Lin 2006 46 31-48
Paper Development of an Integrated Disaster Management Information Framework Yi-Huang Tao, Chih-Hong Sun, Kuo-Tai Tang, Pao-Jyh Lee 2006 46 49-72
Paper Creative Project Network in the Political Context - A Case Study of Pop Music Concert Project by Taiwan and China Jung-Ying Chang, Tsu-Lung Chou 2006 46 73-103
Review Book Review: Globalizing Taipei: Problems and Prospects Tsung-yi Michelle Huang 2006 46 105-108
Paper Establishment of a Predictive Model for Aquaculture Land Use Change: An Agent-based Approach Chi-Hsien Hsieh, Bor-Wen Tsai, Kang-Tsung Chang 2007 47 1-18
Paper Spatial Variability Analysis of Streamwater Quality in the Upper Shui-Li Creek Watershed Chun-Kuo Yeh, Shyue-Cherng Liaw, Jeen-Lian Hwong, Mei-Li Hsueh, Jing-Ping Wang 2007 47 19-38
Paper A Study of Sustainable Development Strategy for Small Islands by Surveying CO2 Emission Shyh-Chyang Lin 2007 47 39-57
Paper Knowledge Transfer across the Border-A Case Study of Learning Experiences of O&M in Taiwan Chung-Hsin Ho 2007 47 59-83
Paper The Impact Assessment of Urban Land-use Change on Natural Environment by Spatial Analysis Ko-Wan Tsou, Shu-Wei Huang 2007 48 1-18
Paper Establishment of the Goals and Strategies of Metropolitan Transit-oriented Development in Taipei Chia-Nung Li, Tsung-Yu Lai 2007 48 19-42
Paper The Discharge and Sediment Load of Heavy Rainfall Events in the Tsengwen River Basin, Southern Taiwan Han-Lin Chen, Jui-Chin Chang 2007 48 43-65
Paper Conservation First-An Analysis of Collective Action and Institutions in the Regional Conservation Initiative at Holung River, Miaoli County Hsing-Sheng Tai, Miao-Chin Hsieh 2007 48 67-86
Paper The Relationship between Discharge and Suspended Sediment Concentration at Typhoon Events in Yu-Feng Catchment Yi-Ting Chu, Mei-Ling Hsu 2007 49 1-22
Paper Change of Pattern and Expansion in the Developed Area of Mid-Upper Course of Keelung River Catchment Tsui-Hua Wang, Jiun-Chuan Lin 2007 49 23-38
Paper Contesting Rescaling- Taiwan’s ICT Industry and the State in the Age of Globalization Jenn-Hwan Wang 2007 49 39-54
Paper Differentiations in Taiwan’s Regional Industrial Clusters: The Impacts of China Effects Chia-Ho Ching, Tsu-Lung Chou 2007 49 55-79
Paper The Formation of Cross-Straits Software Production Networks and Policy Dilemma Chia-Ho Ching 2007 50 1-22
Paper Innovation, Competence and the Evolution of Cultural Industry Clusters-The Case Study of Music Industries in Taipei City Cheng-Yi Lin, Woan-Chiau Hsing 2007 50 23-45
Paper Relational Spaces and Rural Development-A Case Study of Formosa Oolong at Longtan Hung-Jen Tan 2007 50 47-72
Paper The Effects of DTM Resolution and Flow Direction Algorithms on the Topographic Index in the Lien-Hwa-Chi Watersheds Yung-Chung Chuang, Shyue-Cherng Liaw, Jihn-Fa Jan, Jeen-Liang Hwong 2007 50 73-100
Paper A Study on the Relationship between the Geomorphology and Vegetation Distribution of the Coastal Dunes in the Western Chianshuiwan, Sanjhih of Taipei County Yen-Hua Chen and Cheing-Tung Lee 2008 51 1-20
Paper Dynamic Change of Hydrologically Sensitive Areas in the Lien-Hwa-Chi Watersheds Yung-Chung Chuang, Shyue-Cherng Liaw, Jihn-Fa Jan and Jeen-Liang Hwong 2008 51 21-46
Paper Applying a Multifactor Gridded Network Model to Compare the Difference of Gradient Calculating Techniques Ching-Sheng Chiu 2008 51 47-63
Paper The Development and Analysis on Natural Disaster Statistics Index System in Taiwan Jie-Ying Wu and Yi-Jin Chiang 2008 51 65-84
Paper Beyond the Governance of Global City-Regions: Discourses and Representations of Hong Kong’s Cross-border Identities Tsung-Yi Michelle Huang 2008 52 1-30
Paper Cultural Production of Consumerist Landscapes in Global Cities: A Case Study of Housing Landscapes in Shanghai Hsin-Ling Wu 2008 52 31-52
Paper An Investigation of Indigenous Self-governing on CPR: A Case of Protecting Fish in Maliqwan River Valley Ai-Ching Yen and Chih-Ti Sun 2008 52 53-91
Paper Study on the Navigation Charts of Zheng-he’s Expedition and Geographical Positioning of Dandi Baxi and Sha-Gu-Ma-San Sheng-I Hsu and Yau-Zhih Chan 2008 52 93-114
Paper The Meaning of Second Homes to Middle-class Taiwanese Women: A Feminist Perspective Lan-Hung Nora Chiang, Ya-Lien Chen and Yu-Ling Song 2008 53 1-26
Paper An Empirical Study of Feng Shui Experts’ Agreement Ke-Tsung Han and Jui-Ning Hong 2008 53 27-47
Paper The Regional Characteristics of Taiwanese Southern Min sub-dialect groups in Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Miaoli Areas Yen-Tsao Wei and Chih-Chung Tsa 2008 53 49-83
Paper Localization of Agro-food: Exploration of Rice Industry within Chin Shang Township in Taitung County Bang-Kuen Liang 2008 53 85-117
Paper Return and Onward Migration of Taiwan Aborigines:A Study based on the 2000 Taiwan Population Census Chien-Chia Liu and Ji-Ping Lin 2008 54 1-25
Paper Convergence and Divergence: World City Paradigm and the Word City Hypothesis Bo-Xiu Titan Jian 2008 54 27-49
Paper Assessing Management Effectiveness of the Wu-Wei-Kang Wildlife Refuge: the Introduction and Applicability of RAPPAM Dau-Jye Lu, Mu-Ning Wang and Ho-Chia Chueh 2008 54 51-78
Paper Features of Hypsometric Curve and Elevation Frequency Histogram of Mountain Topography Evolution in Taiwan Yen-Chieh Chen 2008 54 79-94
Paper Dialectics in Multitude: An Exploration into/beyond Henri Lefebvre’s Conceptual Triad of Production of Space Chih-Hung Wang 2009 55 1-24
Paper Dwelling and Space: The Shift of Heidegger’s Thinking on Space Ying-Tang Wang 2009 55 25-42
Paper Antecedents and Consequences of Place Attachment Sheng-Hshiung Tsaur and Chun-Yi Sun 2009 55 43-63
Paper The Weight Estimation Approach of Stream Integrity Assessment Model in Terms of Eco-environmental Aspects: A Case Study of Natural Tourism Site at Shihmen Reservoir Ta-Jen Chu, Hon-Cheng Chen, Yi-Yu Kuo, An-Sheng Cheng, Wei-Ta Fang and Chun-Han Shih 2009 55 65-95
Paper Trail Quality and Soil Erosion on Mt. Huangzuei Trail, Yangmingshan National Park Yu-Hsuan Li and Cheing-Tung Lee 2009 56 1-16
Paper Incentive Crowding-out and Community-based Conservation: A Comparative Study of Two Cases in Eastern Taiwan Wu-Long Jhuang and Hsing-Sheng Tai 2009 56 17-38
Paper Estimating the Critical Load and the Environmental and Economic Impact of Acid Deposition in Taiwan Chung-Te Chang, Teng-Chiu Lin andNeng-Huei Lin 2009 56 39-58
Paper A Study on Application of Mobile GIS Learning System for Local Geography Instruction in Elementary School Hsien-Sheng Hsiao, Wan-Ti Hong and Zheng-Jie Jian 2009 56 59-81
Review Book Review:Human Goodness Wen-Chuan Robert Tsai 2009 56 83-87
Report Editorial: Asian Women: Gender, Migration, and Work Janice Monk and Lan-Hung Nora Chiang 2009 57 1-6
Paper New Faces in Academic Places: Gender and the Experiences of Early-career Foreign-born and Native-born Geographers in the United States Rebecca Theobald 2009 57 7-32
Paper Shifting Geographies of House and Home: Female Migrants Making Home in Rural Sri Lanka Fazeeha Azmi and Ragnhild Lund 2009 57 33-54
Paper Japanese Women’s Work Overseas and the Activities of Recruitment Agencies in Singapore Yoshimichi Yui 2009 57 55-70
Paper Volunteering: A Path to Integration by Taiwanese Middle-class Female Immigrants in Canada Lan-Hung Nora Chiang 2009 57 71-96
Review Book Review Anindita Datta 2009 57 97-102
Paper Regional Economic Convergence and Spatial Spillover Effects: Taiwan, 1991-2001 Yu-Lin Chi and Jinn-Guey Lay 2010 58 1-23
Paper Geographic Concentration and Its Determinants in Taiwan Manufacturing Industries Li-Yu Chan 2010 58 25-47
Paper Analyses of “Urban Sprawl” Factors: A Case Study of Taiwan Area Hsiao-Lan Liu, Pei-Hsuan Hsu and Yu-Hsin Tsai 2010 58 49-63
Paper The Changing Conception of Public Goods and Urban Governance: From Neo-classical to New Institutional Economics Simon Chien-Yuan Chen 2010 58 65-88
Paper A Study on the Model of Influences on Innovation Action by Geographical Proximity: An Example of Fastener Industry in Taiwan Hsieh-Sheng Chen and I-Min Chang 2010 58 89-114
Paper On the Concept of Place in Light of Various Chinese Translations of the Term “Place” Shu-Cheng Tseng 2010 58 115-132
Paper The Rise of ‘‘Foreign Gated Communities’’ in Beijingbetween Economic Globalization and Local Institutions Fu-Long Wu Klaive Webber 2010 58 133-147
Paper The Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Freeze-thaw Processes in Mt. Nanhuta (Nanhuta Shan), Central Taiwan Yi-Chin Chen, Jiun-Chuan Lin, Chia-Hung Jen and Jian-Wei Lin 2010 59 1-18
Paper Taiwan’s Quaternary Mountain Glacier Retreat Models Lih-Der Ho, Shu-Hua Chen and Shyh-Jeng Chyi 2010 59 19-38
Paper The Effect of Different Rainfall-Infiltration Circumstances on Hydrological Simulation in the Lien-Hwa-Chi Watersheds Yung-Chung Chuang, Shyue-Cherng Liaw, Chih-Da Wu, Jihn-Fa Jan and Jeen-Liang Hwong 2010 59 39-66
Paper Using Airborne LiDAR Data to Establish the Stand Volume Equation of Cryptomeria japonica in Alishan Area Chun-Hung Wei, Shou-Tsung Wu, Bing-Syun Peng and Chaur-Tzuhn Chen 2010 59 67-80
Paper How did Wind Affect the Urban Street Patterns? A Case Study of the Impact from the Taipei Airfield during the War World II Chih-wen Hung 2010 59 81-104
Paper Neoliberalization, State and Housing Market: Transformation of Public Housing Policies in Taiwan Yi-Ling Chen 2010 59 105-131
Review Book Review Kuan-Chi Wang 2010 59 133-136
Paper The Political Ecology of a Rural-Urban Interface: Resources, Places and Local Attitudes toward Guandu Nature Park Li-San Hung and Jia-En Sheu 2010 60 1-22
Paper Social Recreational Carrying Capacity at Yehliu Geopark Yi-Chun Chen and Jiun-Chuan Lin 2010 60 23-44
Paper A Study on Visitors’ Behaviors and Norms at Yehliu Geopark I- Ling Wu and Jiun-Chuan Lin 2010 60 45-65
Paper Individual and Local Factors Explaining Students’ Performance on the Basic Competence Test for Junior High Students Chun-Hao Li 2010 60 67-101
Paper The Representation of Taiwan’s Aboriginal Architectural Heritage: Visual and Non-visual Presentation in Cultural Villages Lih-Rong Chiou 2010 60 103-131
Paper A Study on the Relative Analysis between the Setting of Irrigation System and the District Development in Kaohsiung (1683 - 1894) Hung Chi-Wen and Wu Lien-Shang 2010 60 133-151
Paper Urban Governance and the Production of New State Spaces in Western Europe, 1960-2000 Neil Brenner; Translated by Cheng-Guo Zhang 2010 60 153-185
Review Review of “Cities of Tomorrow: An Intellectual History of Urban Planning and Design in the Twentieth Century” Kuan-Chi Wang 2010 60 187-199