Journal of Geographical Science

Volume 21~40 :

Title Authors Year Volume Pages
Social and Cultural Geographies of Southeast Asia Tim Bunnell, Lily Kong and Lisa Law 2005 40 1-16
High-income Housing and their Building Blocs in Taipei-A Case Study of Luxurious Condominiums in Xinyi Center Jun-Hua Lin and Sue-Ching Jou 2005 40 17-43
The Industrial Cluster and Institutional Thickness in Nangang Software Industrial Park Tai-Ming Ben and Kuang-Fu Ma 2005 40 45-67
Global Shifts, Developmental State and the Town-Rural Planning Revisited in Taiwan-A Geographic Enquiry and Governance Crisis for the Adaptation of Urban Entrepreneurialism Yung-Jaan Lee, I-Chih Lan and Han-Hwa Juang 2005 40 69-97
The Correlation between Temperature Changes and Economic Development in Taiwan since 1960 Li-Va Lay and Shan-Hsin Chiang 2005 40 99-116
A Study on the Application of Actor Network Theory to Rural Development -A Case Study on the Development of Chiu-FenSettlement from 1895 to1945 Chen-Jai Lee 2005 39 1-30
Cultural Economy and Social Capital of AboriginalTribe Tourism -A Case Study of Saviki Community Bank-Kuen Liang and Chang-Yi Chang 2005 39 31-51
Influence of Area and Space Dependence for Hypsometric Integral and its Geological Implications Yen-Chien Chen, Kaung-Yu Cheng and Quo-Cheng Sung 2005 39 53-69
The Effect of DEM Resolution and Flow Direction Algorithms on Contributing Area Calculation Yi-Chen Yang, Mei-Ling Hsu and Jin-Gueu Lay 2005 39 71-90
The Geomorphic Characteristics of Debris Flows in the Ninety-Nine Peaks Area, Nantou Kong-Kang Lu and Mei-Ling Hsu 2004 38 1-16
Relationships of Specific Sediment Yield to Rainfall in the Middle Yellow River Basin Jin-Fa Lu 2004 38 17-29
Hazard Zonation of Debris Flows in the Three River Parallel Area of Yunnan Chuan Tang 2004 38 31-46
River Terraces and Landscape Evolution in the Nantzuhsien Drainage Basin Chi-Lan Kung and Shyh-Jeng Chyi 2004 38 47-62
The Roles of Social Agents in the Rejuvenation of Recreational Space in New Pei-Tou Taipei Yueh-Wen Huang 2004 38 63-91
A Comparitive and Integrated Study of a Predictive Model in Spatial Data Mining-The Case of Chi-Chi Earthquake-induced Landslide Spatial Database Ming-Cheng Tsou and Chin-Hong Sun 2004 38 93-109
Trend Analysis of Water Quality in the Upper Watershed of the Feitsui Reservoir Cheng-Wei Kuo and Cheing-Tung Lee 2004 38 111-128
The Development of Community-based Conservation in Taiwan-A Review of Three Recent Cases Dau-Jye Lu 2004 37 1-25
Traditional Institution and the Institutional Choice-Two CPR Self Governing Cases of Atayal Tribe in Taiwan Indigenes Ai-Ching Yen and Da-Wei Kuan 2004 37 27-49
Tourism Landscape, Qalang and Nagsal-A Study of the Relationships between Culture and Common-pool Resource Management at Smangus, Hsin-Chu Goang-Jih Horng and Chun-Chiang Lin 2004 37 51-97
The Creation of a New Aboriginal Spatial Mosaic-A Study of the Aboriginal Re-settlement at San-Ho Village, Ping-Tung County Ting-Hsiang Chen and Blanks Shew-Jiuan Su 2004 37 99-122