Journal of Geographical Science

Volume 1~20 :

Title Authors Year Volume Pages
Interrill Erosion Processes:Ⅱ. Laboratory Experiments on Temporal Variations in Splash and Wash Dynamics Lee, Cheing-tung and Sutherland, Ross A. 1996 20 1-17
Interrelationship of Soil Erosion and Crop Productivity Lo, Kwong Fai A., Lin, Mu-lien and Chiang, Shan-hsin 1996 20 19-32
A Study of Slope Erosion on Taitung Lichi Mudrock Slopes- A Field Experiment of Rainfall Simulation Lin, Jiun-chuan and Zen, Chia-horn 1996 20 33-47
Paleoclimate of Coastal California and Its Geomorphic Implication Hsu, Mei-ling 1996 20 49-59
Digital Elevation Model(DEM) and Geomorphometry: Issues of Data Resolution Lay, Jinn-guey 1996 20 61-73
The Evolution of Urban Real Estate Market and the Change of Urban Residential Structure in the United States Jou, Sue-ching 1996 20 75-91
Human Geography in Anglo-America in the Twentieth Century Lin, George S. C. 1996 20 93-110
A Grid-Based Model for Predicting Potential Shallow Landslides Hsu, mei-ling 1995 19 1-15
Interrill Erosion Processes:Ⅰ. Laboratory Experiments on Splash and Wash Dynamics Lee, cheing-tung 1995 19 17-32
Geological Properties of Debris Flow in Its Initiative Mechanism at Tungmen Village, Hualien Area Chen, Hongey 1995 19 33-49
Fluvial Landscape Evolution and Geomorphic Hazards Chyi, shyh-jeng 1995 19 51-69
Mechanism of the Cliff Retreat in Huatung Coast, Eastern Taiwan: Preliminary Discussions on Cliff-Forming Materials and Storm Surges Hsu, Ming-yang and Shen, su-min 1995 19 71-90
Accuracy Analysis of Digital Land-use Data Lay, jinn-guey 1995 19 91-103
A Grid-Based Model for Predicting Dynamic Soil Pore Pressure Hsu, Mei-Ling 1995 18 1-21
A study of the Urban Heat Island Effect in Western Taiwan Chiang, Shan-Hsin, Lo, Andrew K. F. and Wu, Ke-Mao 1995 18 23-34
River Capture in the Lienhuachih Area Chyi, shyh-jeng 1995 18 35-44
The Evolutionary Model of Mudrock Slope Lin, jiun-chuan 1995 18 45-58
The Development Processes and Characteristics of Taiwan's Textile Industry Huang, Lee-chiu 1995 18 59-89
Land Use Impacts on Recreational Resource Development in the Tao-Yuan Coastal Region Chang, chang-yi David and Ni, chin-cheng 1995 18 91-106
Temporal Measuring of Spatial Barrier Taipei Metropolitan Area in 1993 Wang, Chiu-yuan and Chao, chien-hsiung 1995 18 107-130