Volume 101~

Report Report of Editorial Room Hung, Kuang-Chi 2022 101 1
Paper Articulated Publicness - Territorial Adaptation of the Urban Park /Temple Complex in Sanchong District, New Taipei City Chih-Hung Wang and Yu-Ting Kao 2022 101 3
Paper Dark Secret of Paleotsunami Record in Southwestern Taiwan - The Abrupt Rise of Water in Ka-tȇng Harbor Shyh-Jeng Chyi, Ya-Hsuan Shih, Jiun-Yee Yen and Jia-Hong Chen 2022 101 33
Paper Built Environment Characteristic of the Permanent Housing Settlement After Typhoon Morakot Sung-Lun Tsai, Min-Hui Tseng, Chuan-Zhong Deng and Chiho Ochiai 2022 101 55
Paper Geo-politics and Marine Studies - Debates and Research Issues Chi-Mao Wang 2022 101 85
Summary Spatial Analysis Methods for the Geography of Infectious Diseases - Review and Prospect Tzai-Hung Wen 2022 101 109
Review Review of “How Green Became Good: Urbanized Nature and the Making of Cities and Citizens” Ju-Yi Roshnii Chou 2022 101 125
Review Ecological Turn, Radical Geography and Landscape Tension - Post-Landscape Theory in "Post-Hualien Eight Landscapes" Exhibition Jow-Jiun Gong 2022 101 133
Report Report of Editorial Room Hung, Kuang-Chi 2022 102 1
Paper Come! Go with! Living life to East Taiwan - Exploring the Value-Context of Lifestyle Migrants in East Taiwan Kai-Chin Chang and Yu-Nien Lai 2022 102 3
Paper Critique of urbanization - Neil Brenner’s Planetary Urbanization and the Survival of Capitalism Zih-Lun Huang, Ling-I Chu and Jinn-Yuh Hsu 2022 102 37
Paper Relationship between Health, Medical Utilization and Domestic Movement Jack C. Yue, Yin-Yee Leo, and Pei-Rou Lin 2022 102 55
Paper Trespassing the Dichotomy of Tourism and Animal Welfare - Rethinking the Issue of Houtong Street Cats from the Perspective of Interdependencies Heng Yu, Tzu-Yun Lin, Chung-Yen Cheng and Jhan-Tai Liu 2022 102 81
Review Review of “Wildlife in the Anthropocene: Conservation after Nature” Chen-Fu Hsu 2022 102 101
Review Review of “Edges of Exposure: Toxicology and the Problem of Capacity in Postcolonial Senegal” Yi-Xiang Shawn Sun 2022 102 107
Review When I am in Yi-Fu Tuan's Place Po-Yi Hung 2022 102 115
Report Editorial Report Kuang-Chi Hung 2022 103 1
Paper Mothers are Strong when You Put a Brave Face on it: The Practice of Motherhood among Taiwanese Wives in Korea Tsung-yi Michelle Huang and Chun-kai Woo 2022 103 3
Paper Politics of Public Space Maintenance: Park Cleaning in the Sanchong District, New Taipei City Yu-Ting Kao and Chih-Hung Wang 2022 103 37
Paper Least Conflict Siting Strategy for Solar Development: A Case Study in Taiwan Using Scenario-based Spatial Analysis Hsiao-Wen Wang, Tzu-Yuan Chao, William Weiti Lien, Adrienne Dodd and Yu-Jou Lin 2022 103 65
Paper Risk Area of Evacuation for Urban Residents during Earthquake Disasters: A Case Study in Wanhua District of Taipei City Chien-Kai Chiu and Tzu-Jeng Deng 2022 103 85
Review Review of “Undersea Geopolitics: Sealab, Science, and the Cold War” Chung-Yen Cheng 2022 103 113