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Jr-Chuan Huang

Associate Professor


Office : Room 206, Department of Geogrpahy

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone : 886-2-33665825

Dr. Huang received his Ph.D. degree in National Taiwan University. His research interests were Hydro-geomorphical process simulations in catchment scale. After receiving Ph.D. degree, Dr. Huang worked as a postdoctoral at Biodiversity Research Center and Research Center for Environmental Changes in Academia Sinica. Recently, he focused on carbon cycle nitrogen cycle, and watershed management. He is active in the international academic communities such as EGU (European Geophysics Union), AGU (American Geophysics Union) and IAEH (International Association for Environmental Hydrology). Meanwhile he also serves as journal reviewer of Bulletin of the Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering, Journal of Geographical Science and Paddy and Water Environment.

Research interests: hydrological modeling and simulation, land sliding and sediment export, nitrogen cycling within watersheds

Ph.D. National Taiwan University (2003)

M.A. National Taiwan University (1999)

B.S. National Taiwan University (1997)


Hydrological process

Hydrological process simulations in catchment

Digital terrain analysis



Digital terrain analysis

Hydrological process simulations in catchment

Environmental water chemistry

Introduction of C++

Watershed Management


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Books & Book Chapters :

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水分與硝酸鹽運移時間之估算 - 以大陸型與島嶼型流域為例, 國科會, 102.08.01~103.07.31。

大陸型與島嶼型流域氮遺失之觀測與模擬,國科會 101.08.01~102.07.31。

亞熱帶山地集水區之水循環與氮循環觀測與模擬溶解態無機氮輸出之觀測與模擬,國科會, 100.08.01~101.07.31。






2012 Distinguished Publication Research Award, NTU, Taiwan