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Office : Room 507, Department of Geography

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Phone : 886-2-33665838


My research and teaching interests include geographic information science (GISc), spatial analysis, the integration of GIS and social science and land use/cover change (LUCC).

Five years ago I started working on an indigenous mapping project by using public participation geographic information systems (PPGIS). We have identified more than 7000 native place names associated with local tales. More than 300 traditional territories have been identified as well. We worked intensively with three indigenous communities and have completed an intensive traditional territory survey. We organized all the information by using multi-media GIS on a CD disk. Many research issues are under development such as empowerment, participation, indigenous spatial cognition and so on. Currently, we are working with two indigenous communities and extending indigenous PPGIS to other decision-making tasks in public affairs such as community forestry.

Research interest: PPGIS, volunteer geographic information(VGI), indigenous and community study


Ph.D. in National Taiwan University (1994)

M.A. in University of Maryland

B.S. in National Taiwan University (1979)


Introduction to GIS

GPS in geography Seminar in GISc

Land use and land cover change

Quantitative geography and lab.

Spatial analysis


Refereed Articles(2001-present) :


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Books & Book Chapters:




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石門水庫集水區原住民地區資源利用與永續發展之研究--原住民人地空間屬性之研究─新竹縣尖石鄉後山地區土地利用與災害關係之探討(II) ,98.08.01~99.07.31,國科會。



養殖土地利用變遷及對地區經濟發展的影響:雲林及宜蘭地區的比較研究 (II),95.08.01~96.07.31,國科會。

原住民傳統領域空間建構類型之分析—參與式地理資訊系統(public participation geographic information system, PPGIS)與部落參與的研究取徑,95.08.01~96.07.31,國科會。


2009 Outstanding Teaching Award (University), NTU, Taiwan

2003 Outstanding Teaching Award (University), NTU, Taiwan