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Lin, Jiun-Chuan

Distinguished Professor


Office : Room 205, Department of Geography

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Phone : 886-2-33665831

Website : Landscape Conservation in Taiwan


Having obtained a Ph.D. in Geography from England’s London University, Professor Lin returned to the Department of Geography, NTU. His early studies were on hillside erosion, including conglomerate hill erosion of Hoyenshan and mudstone erosion in south-west Taiwan. He conducted field observations and experiments in the early years, by using data acquisition system and sensors to conduct long-term observations on hillside erosion. He later participated in long-term ecological studies of the National Science Council. From 1996 on, he started fluvial erosion and transportation studies on small watershed areas of Fushan, establishing the relationship between sediment delivery and typhoon data in small watershed areas. In the recent years, he has developed research on environmental monitoring. His studies on environment monitoring have been ongoing for more than ten years.

Professor Lin’s research on natural disasters started before the 1996 Typhoon Herb and the 921 earthquake. From studies on hillside and watershed erosion to natural disasters, the Chenyoulan, Dachia, and Dahan Rivers have been his primary research areas.

He has also collaborated on research with English, German, Japanese, Italian and Mainland Chinese scientists. The collaboration with the Free University of Berlin was on glaciers and mass wasting in Taiwan’s high mountains. Through seminars and visits, related topics have been discussed and research made possible. In the foreseeable future, collaborative research will continue.  

Research interests: landscape conservation and hazard study , environmental management and assessment , land monitoring and evaluation


Ph. D. in Geography, King's College, University of London, U.K. (1991)

MSc in Geography, National Taiwan University (1986)

BSc in Geography, National Taiwan University (1981)



Techniques in Physical Geography

Field Geomorphological

Special topic in Taiwan Geomorphology


2012 Excellent Publication Research Award(Project management fees), NTU, Taiwan

2011 Excellent Publication Research Award(Project management fees), NTU, Taiwan

2010 Excellent Publication Research Award(Project management fees), NTU, Taiwan

2008 Outstanding Teaching Award (University), NTU, Taiwan

2007 Excellent Publication Research Award, NTU, Taiwan

2004 國立臺灣大學研究貢獻獎