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Hsu, Jinn-Yuh



Office : Room 401, Department of Geography

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Phone : 886-2-33665836

Website : http://lab.geog.ntu.edu.tw/lab/r401/


I received my Ph.D. degree from the University of California at Berkeley. I am an economic geographer who specializes in high-technology industries and regional development in late-industrializing countries, particularly Taiwan. Since starting my dissertation writing in 1995, I have focused my research and teaching on the inconstant geographies of capitalism, particularly the socio-spatial restructuring of technological change and globalization processes.

Participating in the international academic community is also one of the most interesting jobs for me. In addition to sitting in the steering committee of the International Critical Geography Group (ICGG), I also organized a regional meeting of East Asian Alternative Geographers in Taipei in 2006. Also I was frequently invited to help refereeing manuscripts for key journals in geography, urban planning and other related disciplines such as international political economy. In the meantime, I have been serving, since 2004, as the editor-in-chief of the major leftist intellectual journal in Taiwan, the Chinese language Taiwan: A Radical Quarterly in Social Studies.  

Research interests: studies on zoning, state and regional development, policy learning and mobility



Ph.D. University of California at Berkeley (1997)

M.S. National Taiwan University (1990)

B.A. National Taiwan University (1988)


One of my key researches concentrated on the development of the Hsinchu region, a widely claimed successful “technopolis” in the latecomer industrialization model. I published a series of papers (both in Chinese and English) on the labor market, technology learning, industrial organization and dynamic institutionalism of the Hsinchu Region and its connection with Silicon Valley. Most of these papers were published in prominent geography journals, such as the Journal of Economic Geography; Regional Studies; Environment and Planning A; Geoforum, and the like (see my homepage to download).

Recently, I have extended my research to cover the triangular connection between Silicon Valley, Hsinchu and Shanghai. China, as a market outlet in the new wave of high technology investment, becomes salient as it approaches the trend toward globalization. This research concluded that Taiwan’s high technology firms used their savvy to combine their business experience with Silicon Valley, the technology hub, and their cultural affinity with China’s market, to play a bridging role in the triangular connection. In other words, Taiwan strategically took the position of interface, and the transnational technical community helped in shaping the process.

From 2005 on, I have been engaging in a new research project to investigate the spatial politics of the interaction between economic neo-liberalization and political neo-populism in Taiwan after the economic restructuring and political transformation in the late-1980s. This research aims to investigate the regional transformation caused by hegemonic neo-liberalization discourses and the inherited interventionist state policies in Taiwan. A number of key issues will be addressed in this research, such as how do local politics shape the de-regulation and re-regulation process in the neo-liberalization regime, how does the issue of political legitimacy from the local loyalty affect the free market logic of the neo-liberalization project, and how do these seemingly contradictory forces result in the politics of scale in the regionalization process?


Economic Geography

Globalization and Regional Development

Seminar on Economic Geography

Geographies of Globalization

Seminar on Human Geography


2012 Excellent Publication Research Award, NTU, Taiwan

2012 Excellent Publication Research Award(Book Chapters), NTU, Taiwan

2011 Excellent Publication Research Award(Book Chapters), NTU, Taiwan

2010 Distinguished Publication Research Award, NTU, Taiwan

2010 Excellent Publication Research Award, NTU, Taiwan

2010 Excellent Publication Research Award(Book Chapters), NTU, Taiwan

2009 Distinguished Professor, NTU, Taiwan

2008 Fulbright Scholar. Senior Research Grants, Council for International Exchange of Scholars,USA

2006 Outstanding Research Award, National Science Council, Taiwan 2006 Excellent Publication Research Award, NTU, Taiwan

2003 Wudayou Young Scholar Award, National Science Council, Taiwan