Post-doctoral Fellowship, Smithsonian Institution, 2014.

D. Kim Foundation Post-doctoral Fellowship, 2013-2015

Exchange Student Fellowship, D. Kim Foundation, 2012

Baird Society Resident Scholarship, Smithsonian Institution, 2012

Dibner History of Science Program, Huntington Library, 2011

Dissertation Research Fellowship, Philadelphia Area Center for History of Science, 2011.

Dissertation Research Fellowship, Charles Warren Center for Studies in American History, Harvard University, 2011

The Merit/Term Time Research Award, Harvard University, 2011 (declined)

Summer Research Grant, Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, Harvard University 2010

Summer Research Grant, Reischauer Institute for Japanese Studies, Harvard University, 2010

Erwin Hiebert Grant for Travel and Research, Harvard University, 2010

Certificate of Distinction in Teaching, Harvard University, 2009

Fellowship, Satoh Artcraft Research & Scholarship Foundation, 2009

Graduate Summer Language Grant for East, South, and Southeast Asian Language Study, Asia Center, Harvard University, 2009

Erwin Hiebert Grant for Summer Research, Harvard University, 2008

Taiwan Ministry of Education Studying Abroad Fellowship Ministry of Education, Taiwan, 2006-2008

Doctoral fellowship, Harvard-Yenching Institute, 2006-2009


計畫編號   計畫名稱 計畫執行期間  經費來源單位 
 105-2410-H-002-181-  從「中國即田野」到「中國為研究領域」:20世紀上半葉美國史密梭尼恩研究院於中國的科學探險  105/08/01~106/07/31  科技部
 106-2410-H-002-177-MY2  從「中國即田野」到「中國為研究領域」:20世紀上半葉美國史密梭尼恩研究院於中國的科學探險(二)  106/08/01~108/07/31   科技部
 tfbc-1060214  原住民族轉型正義之國有林土地轉移接收歷程調查研究計畫 106/11/17~107/06/30 行政院農業委員會林務局  106/11/17~107/06/30  行政院農業委員會林務局
 AS-107-TP-C01  【原住民、國家與治理:比較南島觀點】子計畫二:自然資源治理與原住民部落發展:以新竹尖石鄉的泰雅族部落為例  107/01/01~109/12/31  中央研究院民族所




Nature, Society, and Nature

Geography and Science and Technology Studies (STS)

Introduction to Environmental History


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已接受 〈自然資源治理與原住民部落發展:後發展與後人類的視角〉,《考古人類學刊》。(第一作者;與何俊頤合著)

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Books & Book Chapters :

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history of science, science; technology, and society (STS); environmental history