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National Taiwan University Department of Geography Visiting Scholar Services Policy

 National Taiwan University Department of Geography Visiting Scholar Services Policy

1.          The following regulations are set for the purpose of clarifying the administrative services and resources obtained by incoming foreignscholars.


2.          A visitingscholar is a scholarwho is not employed by National Taiwan University(hereafter NTU)and neither invited under any governmental or NTU’s project and/or policies, and visits the university to conduct research with a duration more than one month. Visitingscholars are categorized intoexchange scholarsand non-exchange scholars.

I.            An exchange scholar is a scholar who is recommended by a partner institution under a bilateral agreement with NTU, and formally approved by NTU. The administrative service and fee pertaining to this type of scholar are to be implemented in accordance with the bilateral agreement.

II.         ii. A non-exchange scholar is a scholar who is invited by NTUhowever not categorized by any condition listed above. A non-exchange scholar will obtain administrative service from respective administrative and academic units on a fee-paying basis.The administrative fee may be waived for scholars working on specified projects commissioned by the Taiwan government or NTU.


3.          Arrangements pertaining to foreign visiting scholar services are to be implemented in accordance with the following rules:

I.            NTU: The NTU Office of International Affairs will be in charge of general arrangement and coordination, and providing optional services such as the international scholar handbook, welcome package, accommodationinformation, campus tour, NTU ID card, WiFi access, library services, and other fee-paying services such as airport pickup, insurance and parking license.

II.         Department of Geography: the hostteaching staffwill be in charge and assign personnel to providegeneral academicservices;related administrative serviceswill be provided by the international affairs staff fromthedepartmental office.


4.          Visiting scholar application qualification:

I.            Current full time and formal teaching or research staff at a foreign academic institution.

II.         Postdoctoral research personnel, orresearch personnel approvedby NTU Department of Geography.

III.       Conduct a research in Taiwan with a duration of at least 30 days, no more than a year in principle.

 5.          Visitingscholar application procedure:

I.            Visitingscholar contacts and submitsan application toan NTU Department of Geography teaching staff directly. The teaching staff has to make preliminary evaluationon whether to receive the visiting scholar.

II.         Once the teaching staff agrees to be the host, related documents shall be compiled and presented to the departmental academic committee for a final decision, at least 3 months prior to the scheduled date of visiting.

III.       The host teaching staff shallprovide the following documentsto the departmental academic committee:

A.         Curriculum Vitae(including a complete list of publications).

B.         Researchproposal(including a precise schedule of the research).

C.         Other documents that are beneficial totheapplication.

IV.      The departmental international affairs staffis in charge of conveying theapplication outcome to the visiting scholar. If the application is approved, a formal departmental invitation letter will be sent to the visiting scholar.

V.         Visiting scholar ought to complete the registration and fee paymentaccording to university policy within a week of arrival at NTU. If the visiting scholar fails to comply with, the department retains the right to cease theadministrative services and the provision of working space and equipmentat any given time.

 6.          Depends on circumstances, the department is willing but not guaranteed to provide visiting scholar with working space and basic office equipment.

 7.          Other issues not specified in this policywill be implemented in accordance with the regulations set by Ministry of Education and National Taiwan University.

 8.          This policy is approvedby the Departmental Affairs Councilof NTU Department of Geographyand will be enactedfromOctober 1st, 2015.Further amendments or abolishment of this policy will require approval from the Departmental Affairs Council of NTU Department of Geographyas well.