Journal of Geographical Science, No. 61~

Title Authors Year Volume Pages
The Spatial Distribution and Migration Pattern of Urban Indigenous People in Northern Metropolitan Areas of Taiwan Chien-Chia Liu 2013 69 83-104
Potential Influence of Climate Change on Annual Rainfall Erosivity Factor in Taiwan Jie-Lun Chiang 2013 68 1-17
Evaluating Management Effectiveness of the Coastal and Estuarine Protected Areas in Taiwan Dau-Jye Lu, Chih-Liang Chao, Sin-Yi Lo, Chieh-Wen Kao, Jasmine Wei-Li Chen, Liu-Chi Lo, Mei-Chih Yeh, Lih-Der Ho, Hung-Yi Chang, Jong-Yuan Wang 2013 68 19-42
Opportunity and Destiny-Dialectics of Tourism Development in Atayal Area, Nanjhuang, Miaoli Chin-Cheng Ni 2013 68 43-68
The Critical Toponymy-A Dialogue of Nation, Place and Ethnic Group Yun-Tsui Yeh 2013 68 69-87
Exploratory Space-time Dynamics Analysis of Regional Income in Taiwan, 1999-2008 Yu-Lin Chi,Meng-Sian Jhou,Jinn-Guey Lay 2012 67 1-30
The Relationships between Weathered Rock Surface Hardness and Exposure Dates of Quaternary Erratic Boulders in Nanhutashan of Taiwan Lih-Der Ho, Ray-Hong Liu 2012 67 31-47
Urban Self-organization A Simulation Comparison between Institutional and Spatial Change Shih-Kung Lai, Yu-Chie Wang, Haoying Han 2012 67 49-71
The Construction of TCCIP1 Taiwan Rainfall Index (TRI) and its Applications Chih-Wen Hung 2012 67 73-97
Review of “Not Yet a Placelessness Land: Tracking an Evolving American Geography” Wen-Chuan Robert Tsai 2012 67 99-102
Ecological Spatial and Temporal Scale Issues of Islands Shyh-Chyang Lin 2012 66 1-19
An Investigation of Watershed Management and Land Ethics: A Case of Indigenous Communities on Upstream Shimen Reservoir Catchments Area Chih-Ti Sun and Ai-Ching Yen 2012 66 21-51
The Application of Binarization on Canopy Gaps of Airborne LiDAR Classification Chun-Hung Wei, Shou-Tsung Wu, Wei-Chieh Huang, Yi-Ta Hsieh, Yuh-Lurng Chung and Chaur-Tzuhn Chen 2012 66 53-66
Analysis of Relationship between Mei-yu Precipitation Change and Vegetation Variation in Lien-Hua-Chih Experimental Forest Su-Fen Wang, Wan-Ting Lin, Chung-Te Chang and Teng-Chiu Lin 2012 66 67-86
Evaluating Management Effectiveness of the Chi-Ku Black-Face Spoolbill (Platalea minor) Wildlife Refuge of Southern Taiwan Lih-Der Ho, Liu-Chi Lo, Dau-Jye Lu, Wei-Li Jasmine Chen and Chia-Hong Shiu 2012 65 1-26
Towards Collaborative Governance? Opportunities and Constraints for Stakeholder Participation in Natural Landscape Conservation of Taiwan Kuang-Chung Lee, Shin Wang and Chia-Ling Tsai 2012 65 27-52
Incentives Crowding Out Effect and the Agricultural Development of Indigenous Community-A Case Study in Quri Community, Jianshih Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan Ai-Ching Yen, En-Chia Lo (Watan Taru) and Yin-An Chen 2012 65 53-78
An Integrated Assessment of Vulnerability to Typhoon and Flood Hazard in the Ta-Chia River Basin Hung-Chih Hung and Ling-Yeh Chen 2012 65 79-96
The Temporal-spatial Analysis of Yilan Rural Landscape Change: A Case Study of Weiqian, Dazhou, and Dayi Villages in Sanxing Township Jing-Yu Lin, Chih-Da Wu and Yung-Chung Chuang 2012 64 1-20
Assessment of PPGIS and Community Development by Actor-Network Theory: A Case in Meinung Yellow Butterfly Valley Ming-Kuang Chung, Bor-Wen Tsai and Dau-Jye Lu 2012 64 21-44