Journal of Geographical Science, No. 61~

Title Authors Year Volume Pages
The Politics of Space in Relation to Street Naming in Tapei City Wen-Chuan Huang 2014 73 79-105
Research on Regional Innovative Milieux, Social Capital and Firm Innovation Performance Tai-Ming Ben and Chung-Meng Chen 2014 73 107-133
Introduction to the Special Issue on Neoliberalism and Urban Governance in Taiwan Jinn-Yuh Hsu 2014 72 1-3
Shrinking Seaport in Metropolitan Taipei: Regenerating Keelung City? Jung-Ying Chang 2014 72 5-29
Multi-scalar Governance Challenge of Neo-liberalist Urban Development Strategy: A Case Study of New Taipei Metropolis Tsu-Lung Chou and Tai-Chih Chen 2014 72 31-55
Building A Creative City: Some Myths and Limitations of the Policy Discourse in Taipei City Shu-Yi Chiu and Wen-I Lin 2014 72 57-84
Community Activation and Consensus Building in the Post-political Condition: A Case Study of Community Culture Construction in Taipei Wen-I Lin and Shu-Yi Chiu 2014 72 85-109
Reconstruction of Climatic and Weather Characteristics in the Shanghai Area during the Qing Dynasty Pei-Hua Tan, Bo-Lin Wu 2013 71 1-28
Heritage Landscape, Nation-Building, Globalization-Taking Singapore's Chinatown as an Example Pi-Chun Chang 2013 71 29-47
Biosecurity, Herbal Cooling Tea and the Cultural Regionalism of Lingnan Michelle Tsung-Yi Huang, Chun-Kai Woo 2013 71 49-68
Constructing an Assessment System for Integrated River Ecological Quality (ASIREQ) in the Keelung River Based on Ecological Integrity Yuan-Hsun Pang 2013 71 69-92
An Analysis of Rainfall Periodicity of Maritime Continent: A Case Study in Peninsular Malaysia (1971-2007) Yuen-Yi Ng 2013 71 93-111
Review of 'The Place of Religion in Chicago' Robert Wen-Chuan Tsai 2013 71 113-116
The Profiles and the Radiocarbon Ages of Charcoal in Colluvium as Indicators of Taiwan Alpine Environmental Change Shan-Shan Chang, Shyh-Jeng Chyi, Meng-Long Hsieh,Jian-Wei Lin 2013 70 1-22
The Tectonic Geomorphic Implication of the River Capture on Jhukengbei Ditch Li-Chin Huang, Guey-San Yang, Heng Tsai 2013 70 23-46
Micro-politics and the Socio-cultural Reconstruction of Religious Space--A Case Study of the Christian Church in Shimenkan, Weining, Mainland China Zhen-Jie Yuan, Jun-Xi Qian, Hong Zhu 2013 70 47-67
Indigenous Ecological Knowledge and Watershed Governance--A Case Study of the Human-river Relations in Mrqwang, Taiwan Da-Wei Kuan 2013 70 69-105
Study of the Characteristics of Kinmen Insular Disasters and Methods of Determining Disaster Scales Shyh-Chyang Lin 2013 69 1-24
Recreational Impact on Biodiversity and Spatial Distribution of Populations in the Intertidal Zones of Liuchio Hsu Liu-Chih Lo 2013 69 25-46
Spatial Turns in Feminist Theory and Gender Practice: Outline of a Match Theory for Gender Negotiation Peter Cheng-Chong Wu 2013 69 47-81