Journal of Geographical Science, No. 41~60 :

Title Authors Year Volume Pages
Parameter Calibration in A Process-Based Soil Depth Estimation Model -Assuming Local Steady State Shou-Hao Chiang, Mei-Ling Hsu 2006 44 23-38
Landscape Sensitivity of Mud Volcanoes-A Geomorphic System Approach Quo-Cheng Sung, Lie Chen 2006 44 39-53
Hydraulics and Sediment Characteristics of the Yellow River and the Impact of Flow and Sediment Regulation on the Discharge and Sediment Flux to the Sea Dong Wang, Shao-Ming Pan, Ji-Chun Wu, Qing-Ping Zhu 2006 44 55-65
Problems on Archaeological Sites Distribution during Neolithic Age to Shang-Zhou Dynasties in North Jiangsu Province Cheng Zhu, Chaogui Zheng, Weiwei Gu, Mingfang Han 2006 44 67-78
Study on Domestic Tourist Market of Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, China Xiaowei Wu, Qiaohua Huang, Qing Zhao 2006 44 79-90
The Consumption Landscape of Taiwan’s Baseball Field Shi-Zheng Wu, Shew-Jiuan Blank Su 2006 43 1-22
The Fluid Landscapes of Sexuality-Historical Geographical Studies of “Gay” Sex along the Love River in Kaohsiung from 1960 to 2000 Wen-Yu Wu 2006 43 23-38
Temporal and Spatial Characteristics of Environmental Issues at the “Our Island” Program in the Public Television Service Jing-Ping Wang, Shyue-Cherng Liaw 2006 43 39-60
Beyond the Discipline and Transition of Migration Studies in Human Geography-A Comparison between Taiwanese and Anglophonic Studies Yu-Ling Song 2006 43 61-79
Cultural Heritage in the Age of Globalization-A Critical Review of Historic Preservation Theories Liang-Yi Yen 2005 42 1-24
Feminist Geography and Its Sluggish Development in Taiwan Hua-Sun Chang 2005 42 25--46
Exploring the Spatial Cognition in Early Maps-A Case Study of “The Territorial Map of Taiwan” 1878 Jinn-Guey Lay, Ching-Chi Huang, Ko-Hua Yap 2005 42 47-68
Classification of Urban Vacant Land with Earthquake Disaster Prevention Mechanism-Case Study of Nan-tou City Ming-Shen Wang, Yung-Lung Lee, Tsung-Cheng Huang 2005 42 69-93
The Impact of Cartographic Generalization on Environmental Change Research-A Case Study of Taiwanese Map Data Jinn-Guey Lay and Ko-Hua Yap 2005 41 1-23
Re-Examining the Savanna Hypothesis in Terms of Scenic Beauty, Preference and Restoration Ke-Tsung Han 2005 41 25-44
A Hot Topic in Medical Geography-Studies of New Infectious Diseases Mei-Hui Li 2005 41 45-64
Applying Public Participation Geographic Information System to the Study of the Traditional Territories of Indigenous Peoples-A Case of Atayal Smangus Community Chun-Chiang Lin, Chang-Yi Chang, Bor-Wen Tsai, Cheing-Tung Lee, Tsu-Jen Ding and Yu-Ting Li 2005 41 65-82
Evaluation and Analysis of Public Participation in the Community Forestry Project in the Luotung Forest District Lung-Chih Chung, Shyue-Cherng Liaw, Wan-Jiun Chen, Giong-Lian Liu and Mei-Hui Chen 2005 41 83-100
Book Review: Global Taiwan and the Future of Taiwan’s Industrial Development Chia-Ho Ching 2005 41 101-106