Journal of Geographical Science, No. 41~60 :

Title Authors Year Volume Pages
Differentiations in Taiwan’s Regional Industrial Clusters: The Impacts of China Effects Chia-Ho Ching, Tsu-Lung Chou 2007 49 55-79
The Impact Assessment of Urban Land-use Change on Natural Environment by Spatial Analysis Ko-Wan Tsou, Shu-Wei Huang 2007 48 1-18
Establishment of the Goals and Strategies of Metropolitan Transit-oriented Development in Taipei Chia-Nung Li, Tsung-Yu Lai 2007 48 19-42
The Discharge and Sediment Load of Heavy Rainfall Events in the Tsengwen River Basin, Southern Taiwan Han-Lin Chen, Jui-Chin Chang 2007 48 43-65
Conservation First-An Analysis of Collective Action and Institutions in the Regional Conservation Initiative at Holung River, Miaoli County Hsing-Sheng Tai, Miao-Chin Hsieh 2007 48 67-86
Establishment of a Predictive Model for Aquaculture Land Use Change: An Agent-based Approach Chi-Hsien Hsieh, Bor-Wen Tsai, Kang-Tsung Chang 2007 47 1-18
Spatial Variability Analysis of Streamwater Quality in the Upper Shui-Li Creek Watershed Chun-Kuo Yeh, Shyue-Cherng Liaw, Jeen-Lian Hwong, Mei-Li Hsueh, Jing-Ping Wang 2007 47 19-38
A Study of Sustainable Development Strategy for Small Islands by Surveying CO2 Emission Shyh-Chyang Lin 2007 47 39-57
Knowledge Transfer across the Border-A Case Study of Learning Experiences of O&M in Taiwan Chung-Hsin Ho 2007 47 59-83
Establishment of the Links Among Community-based Conservation, Indigenous Hunting and Wildlife Management Dau-Jye Lu, Wen-Ching Wu, K. Jai-Chyi Pei, Sasala Taiban 2006 46 1-29
Utilizing Spatial Technology and Landscape Ecology Indices to Analyze the Influences of the Land Cover Transition in Kenting National Park Re-Yang Lee, Shih-Chiang Lin 2006 46 31-48
Development of an Integrated Disaster Management Information Framework Yi-Huang Tao, Chih-Hong Sun, Kuo-Tai Tang, Pao-Jyh Lee 2006 46 49-72
Creative Project Network in the Political Context - A Case Study of Pop Music Concert Project by Taiwan and China Jung-Ying Chang, Tsu-Lung Chou 2006 46 73-103
Book Review: Globalizing Taipei: Problems and Prospects Tsung-yi Michelle Huang 2006 46 105-108
The Application of Soil Development Index to Terraces Correlation in Choushui River Basin Area Wen-Shu Huang, Heng Tsai, Zeng-Yei Hseu 2006 45 1-20
Cluster Absorptive Capability and Learning of the Industry-The Case Study of Taiwan’s Bicycle Industry Yu-Chun Lin, Chia-Ho Ching 2006 45 21-50
A Study of the Location Selection for Urban Neighborhood Park Wann-Ming Wey, Hung-Chin Lin 2006 45 51-71
The Location and Function of Malan Amis’ Men’s Houses Affected by the Social Changes in Taitung Yu-Fen Lee 2006 45 73-94
Cross-border Integration and Governance of the Greater Pearl River Delta, China-A Political Economic Analysis Chun Yang 2006 45 95-112
Integrated Assessment of Urban Debris Flow Hazards Using RS/GIS-A Case Study of Dongchuan Urban Area, Kunming City, China Chuan Tang, Takashi Okimura 2006 44 1-22