Journal of Geographical Science, No. 41~60 :

Title Authors Year Volume Pages
On the Concept of Place in Light of Various Chinese Translations of the Term “Place” Shu-Cheng Tseng 2010 58 115-132
The Rise of ‘‘Foreign Gated Communities’’ in Beijingbetween Economic Globalization and Local Institutions Fu-Long Wu Klaive Webber 2010 58 133-147
Editorial: Asian Women: Gender, Migration, and Work Janice Monk and Lan-Hung Nora Chiang 2009 57 1-6
New Faces in Academic Places: Gender and the Experiences of Early-career Foreign-born and Native-born Geographers in the United States Rebecca Theobald 2009 57 7-32
Shifting Geographies of House and Home: Female Migrants Making Home in Rural Sri Lanka Fazeeha Azmi and Ragnhild Lund 2009 57 33-54
Japanese Women’s Work Overseas and the Activities of Recruitment Agencies in Singapore Yoshimichi Yui 2009 57 55-70
Volunteering: A Path to Integration by Taiwanese Middle-class Female Immigrants in Canada Lan-Hung Nora Chiang 2009 57 71-96
Book Review Anindita Datta 2009 57 97-102
Trail Quality and Soil Erosion on Mt. Huangzuei Trail, Yangmingshan National Park Yu-Hsuan Li and Cheing-Tung Lee 2009 56 1-16
Incentive Crowding-out and Community-based Conservation: A Comparative Study of Two Cases in Eastern Taiwan Wu-Long Jhuang and Hsing-Sheng Tai 2009 56 17-38
Estimating the Critical Load and the Environmental and Economic Impact of Acid Deposition in Taiwan Chung-Te Chang, Teng-Chiu Lin andNeng-Huei Lin 2009 56 39-58
A Study on Application of Mobile GIS Learning System for Local Geography Instruction in Elementary School Hsien-Sheng Hsiao, Wan-Ti Hong and Zheng-Jie Jian 2009 56 59-81
Book Review:Human Goodness Wen-Chuan Robert Tsai 2009 56 83-87
Dialectics in Multitude: An Exploration into/beyond Henri Lefebvre’s Conceptual Triad of Production of Space Chih-Hung Wang 2009 55 1-24
Dwelling and Space: The Shift of Heidegger’s Thinking on Space Ying-Tang Wang 2009 55 25-42
Antecedents and Consequences of Place Attachment Sheng-Hshiung Tsaur and Chun-Yi Sun 2009 55 43-63
The Weight Estimation Approach of Stream Integrity Assessment Model in Terms of Eco-environmental Aspects: A Case Study of Natural Tourism Site at Shihmen Reservoir Ta-Jen Chu, Hon-Cheng Chen, Yi-Yu Kuo, An-Sheng Cheng, Wei-Ta Fang and Chun-Han Shih 2009 55 65-95
Return and Onward Migration of Taiwan Aborigines:A Study based on the 2000 Taiwan Population Census Chien-Chia Liu and Ji-Ping Lin 2008 54 1-25
Convergence and Divergence: World City Paradigm and the Word City Hypothesis Bo-Xiu Titan Jian 2008 54 27-49
Assessing Management Effectiveness of the Wu-Wei-Kang Wildlife Refuge: the Introduction and Applicability of RAPPAM Dau-Jye Lu, Mu-Ning Wang and Ho-Chia Chueh 2008 54 51-78