Journal of Geographical Science

Volume 41~60 :

Title Authors Year Volume Pages
The Political Ecology of a Rural-Urban Interface: Resources, Places and Local Attitudes toward Guandu Nature Park Li-San Hung and Jia-En Sheu 2010 60 1-22
Social Recreational Carrying Capacity at Yehliu Geopark Yi-Chun Chen and Jiun-Chuan Lin 2010 60 23-44
A Study on Visitors’ Behaviors and Norms at Yehliu Geopark I- Ling Wu and Jiun-Chuan Lin 2010 60 45-65
Individual and Local Factors Explaining Students’ Performance on the Basic Competence Test for Junior High Students Chun-Hao Li 2010 60 67-101
The Representation of Taiwan’s Aboriginal Architectural Heritage: Visual and Non-visual Presentation in Cultural Villages Lih-Rong Chiou 2010 60 103-131
A Study on the Relative Analysis between the Setting of Irrigation System and the District Development in Kaohsiung (1683 - 1894) Hung Chi-Wen and Wu Lien-Shang 2010 60 133-151
Urban Governance and the Production of New State Spaces in Western Europe, 1960-2000 Neil Brenner; Translated by Cheng-Guo Zhang 2010 60 153-185
Review of “Cities of Tomorrow: An Intellectual History of Urban Planning and Design in the Twentieth Century” Kuan-Chi Wang 2010 60 187-199
The Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Freeze-thaw Processes in Mt. Nanhuta (Nanhuta Shan), Central Taiwan Yi-Chin Chen, Jiun-Chuan Lin, Chia-Hung Jen and Jian-Wei Lin 2010 59 1-18
Taiwan’s Quaternary Mountain Glacier Retreat Models Lih-Der Ho, Shu-Hua Chen and Shyh-Jeng Chyi 2010 59 19-38
The Effect of Different Rainfall-Infiltration Circumstances on Hydrological Simulation in the Lien-Hwa-Chi Watersheds Yung-Chung Chuang, Shyue-Cherng Liaw, Chih-Da Wu, Jihn-Fa Jan and Jeen-Liang Hwong 2010 59 39-66
Using Airborne LiDAR Data to Establish the Stand Volume Equation of Cryptomeria japonica in Alishan Area Chun-Hung Wei, Shou-Tsung Wu, Bing-Syun Peng and Chaur-Tzuhn Chen 2010 59 67-80
How did Wind Affect the Urban Street Patterns? A Case Study of the Impact from the Taipei Airfield during the War World II Chih-wen Hung 2010 59 81-104
Neoliberalization, State and Housing Market: Transformation of Public Housing Policies in Taiwan Yi-Ling Chen 2010 59 105-131
Book Review Kuan-Chi Wang 2010 59 133-136
Regional Economic Convergence and Spatial Spillover Effects: Taiwan, 1991-2001 Yu-Lin Chi and Jinn-Guey Lay 2010 58 1-23
Geographic Concentration and Its Determinants in Taiwan Manufacturing Industries Li-Yu Chan 2010 58 25-47
Analyses of “Urban Sprawl” Factors: A Case Study of Taiwan Area Hsiao-Lan Liu, Pei-Hsuan Hsu and Yu-Hsin Tsai 2010 58 49-63
The Changing Conception of Public Goods and Urban Governance: From Neo-classical to New Institutional Economics Simon Chien-Yuan Chen 2010 58 65-88
A Study on the Model of Influences on Innovation Action by Geographical Proximity: An Example of Fastener Industry in Taiwan Hsieh-Sheng Chen and I-Min Chang 2010 58 89-114