Journal of Geographical Science, No. 21~40 :

Title Authors Year Volume Pages
Landslides in the Reservoir Area of the Three Gorges Project Tang, Chuan 1999 26 45-55
Population Migration of Mainland China--A Case Study of Female Workers in Township Enterprises in KWangtung Chiang, Lan-hung 1999 26 57-70
A Re-examination of the Environment and Pollution Issues in the Zhujiang Delta Dike-Pond Ecological System Wong, Chor-yee 1999 26 71-82
An Application of Artificial Neural Network for Rainfall-Runoff Modeling Sun, Chin-hong and Chan, Shih-chien 1999 25 1-14
Rebuilding the Old Taipei: An Analysis of Urban Renewal Policy Jou, Sue-ching 1999 25 15-43
An Ideological Analysis of Institutionalization of National Parks Law Huang, Yueh-wen 1999 25 45-59
The Impact of Corporations Investing in Hengchun Su, I-jhy 1999 25 61-81
A Study of Coastal Retreat along the Huatung Coast, Changpin to Taitung Section Hsu, Ming-yang, Kao, Ching-jen, Kao, Peng-fei and Jeng, Shao-long 1999 25 83-109
The Study on Earthquake Reoccurrence in Chiayi-Tainan Area, Taiwan Tsai, Heng 1999 25 111-126
The Impact of Corporate Investment on the Conservation of Natural Resources within the Hengchun Tourism Space Su, I-jhy 1998 24 1-18
Application of Neural Networks for Terrain Interpolation Lay, Jinn-guey and Shaw, Yu-mei 1998 24 19-28
Integration of Multi-Criteria Decision Making Technique and Geographic Information System Lin, Shyang-woei and Sun, Chin-hong 1998 24 29-41
A Recognition of Mainland China's Rural Enterprise through Three Representative Models Chi, Wen-hui 1998 24 43-58
Contemporary Immigration of Chinese to North America and Australia Chiang, Lan-hung, Chao, Chien-hsiung and Hsu, C. R. 1998 24 59-84
Development and Applications of Island Biogeography Study Tsai, Huei-min 1998 24 85-98
Spatial Analysis in GIS- the Land Use Changes in the Coastal Area of Yunlin County, Taiwan Tsai, Bor-wen, Chang, Chang-yi and Ding, Tsu-jen 1997 23 1-11
An Analysis of Decision-making Process of Establishing Lanyu National Park Huang, Yueh-wen 1997 23 13-31
The Historical Study of Taiwan's Integrated Circuit Industry- High Technology, State Intervention, and Returnee Entrepreneurism Hsu, Jinn-yuh 1997 23 33-48
Political Changes and Tourism Development in Macau Ni, Chin-cheng 1997 23 49-69
Preliminary Study of Soil Erosion on Road Side Earth Disposal Hsu, Mei-ling and Liao, Wei-kuo 1997 23 71-88