Journal of Geographical Science, No. 21~40 :

Title Authors Year Volume Pages
Frothing the Summoning of a New State--The Greater Shanghai Project and the Urban Politics of Shanghai, 1927-1937 Kuo, Chi-jeng 2001 29 27-65
Geography and Social Justice Yang, Ping-huang 2001 29 67-92
Intervention Analysis of El Nino, La Nina Effect Precipitation in Taiwan Lay, Li-va 2001 29 93-106
Discriminant Analysis of SPOT Imagery for Land Use Classification--A Case Study in I-Lain Huang, Jr-chung, Hsu, Mei-ling and Chu, Tzu-how 2001 29 107-120
Measuring Spatial Association--The Case of Aquacultural Land Use in Yunlin County, Taiwan Tsai, Bor-wen, Chang, Kang-tsung, Chang, Chang-yi and Chu, Jen-ming 2001 29 121-129
Formalizing Cartographic Knowledge for Layout Design in Automatic Mapping Chang, Chun-lan 2000 28 1-15
Application of Case-based Reasoning in GIS Tsai, Bor-wen and Shiu, Chia-cheng 2000 28 17-26
The Threshold of Flow Accumulation on Channel Network Extraction from Grid-Based DEM Chan, Shih-chien and Sun, Chih-hong 2000 28 27-45
The Formation of An Urban Slum in Taipei: The Case of Nan Chi Chang Community Jou, Sue-ching 2000 28 47-78
Chain Migration, Network and Zhejiang Village in Beijing: An Epistemological Discussion of the Opposition of Nomothetic and Idiographic Approaches Hsu, Ping-hsiang 2000 28 79-89
The Preliminary Study of the Conceptual Framework of Vernacular Region Heritage Conservation Huang, Fu-tzu 2000 28 91-110
Location Decisions and Economic Incorporation of Taiwanese Migrants in Sydney Chiang, Lan-hung and Hsu, Jung-chung 2000 27 1-19
The Spatial Behavior and Environmental Perceptions of Tourists in the Penghu Islands Ni, Chin-cheng 2000 27 21-40
The Changing Vegetation of the Kuantu Wetland Wang, I-chen, Lee, Cheing-tung and Chu, Tzu-how 2000 27 41-54
The Natural Environment, Land Use, and Debris Hazard of Fluvial Fans in the Hualien River Valley Chen, Zue-er 2000 27 55-69
The Historical Approach in Geography Shih, Ya-hsuan 2000 27 71-84
The Paleogeography of the Ancient Taipei Lakebed in the K'anghsi Period Shieh, Ying-tzung 2000 27 85-95
The Relationship of Terrace Slope Form to Geomorphological Processes Hsu, Mei-ling 1999 26 1-12
Magnitude-Frequency Distribution of Landslide in the Catchment of Tseng-Wen Reservoir Lin, Meng-long and Lin, Jiun-chuan 1999 26 13-23
Application of Caesium-137 Technique in Soil Erosion Studies: A Review and Perspective Lee, Cheing-tung 1999 26 25-44