Journal of Geographical Science, No. 21~40 :

Title Authors Year Volume Pages
The Influences of Typhoons and the Characteristics of Suspended Sediment Yields in the Upper Catchment of Lan-Yan Chi Meng-Lung Lin and Jiun-Chuan Lin 2003 33 39-53
Process of the Development of Ravine Networks in Conglomerate:A Case Study in the Eastern Flank of the Chukou Hill Po-Yu Chang 2003 33 55-76
Comparisons of Acid Deposition between Changhua City and Taichung City Chung-Te Chang, Teng-Chiu Lin and Mei-Li Sheu 2003 33 77-90
The Last Tribe? The Shaping of Recreational Space of Simangus Yueh-Wen Huang 2002 32 1-18
Community-based Ecotourism. A Controversial future for a Hakka Township Yu-Ling Song and Lan-Hung Nora Chiang 2002 32 19-40
Evaluation Rainfall Contaminations in Changhua Using Factor Analysis Chuan-Te Chang, Teng-Chiu Lin and Mei-Li Hsueh 2002 32 41-54
Spectral analysis of Taiwan's Rainfall Regional and Air Temperature Shan-Hsin Chiang and Li-Va Lay 2002 32 55-74
Main Alluvial Fan Terraces and Geomorphic Hazards in the Mountain Area of Taiwan Shyh-Jeng Chyi 2002 32 75-87
The Natural Environment,Land Use and Debris Hazard of Fluvial Fans in the Peinan River Valley of Eastern Taiwan Zue-Er Chen 2002 32 89-104
The impacts of the September 21st earthquake on indigenous peoples' land rights and the recostruction of place identity in Taiwan Yi-Fong Chen 2002 31 1-15
Regional lock-in effect of agglomeration of firms-Some observations from increasing returns simulations Shih-Kung Lai and Tzeg-Long Chen 2002 31 17-34
Territorial competition and spatial politics-A case study of Taiwan's southern science-based idustrial park Yeou-Ren Yang and I-Jhy Su 2002 31 35-81
Landscape of flows and spatial-temporal performances-New urban experiences through Taipei MRT Chih-Hung Wang 2002 31 83-115
Interaction between state and society: The establishment of National Park and the awareness of autonomy of the aborigines Yueh-Wen Huang and Chang-Yi David Chang 2001 30 1-18
Gender, Migration and slum lifeworld: Female migrants in Nan Chi Chang Community of Taipei Sue-Ching Jou and Mei-Chin Liu 2001 30 19-53
Neural network kernelled artificial intelligence spatial information analyst Shyang-Woei Lin and Chin-Hong Sun 2001 30 55-70
Estimation of windbreak changes in Yi-Lang coastal zone based on land use distance variables Mei-Ling Hsu 2001 30 71-86
Characteristics of air quality in Changhua City between 1994 and 2000 Chung-Te Chang, Teng-Chiu Lin, and Mei-Li Sheu 2001 30 87-98
Decentralization, participation and protected areas management: Two case studies of wildlife refuges in Taiwan Dau-Jye Lu 2001 30 99-120
Employment Patterns of Taiwanese Migrants in Australia Chiang, Nora Lan-hung and Song, Yu-ling 2001 29 1-26