Journal of Geographical Science, No. 21~40 :

Title Authors Year Volume Pages
Methods of Soil Erosion Measurement Lee, Cheing-tung 1997 23 89-106
Aggregate Size Characteristics and Enrichment Ratios for Interrill Splash and Wash Sediment Lee, Cheing-tung and Sutherland, Ross A. 1997 22 1-19
A Study of Critical Load for Acidic Deposition in Taiwan Lin, Jiun-chuan, Kuo, Ming-jen and Chen, Tser-min 1997 22 21-33
The Relative Locations of Map Elements in Layout Design Chang, Chun-lan 1997 22 35-51
The Use of GPS and GIS in Geographical Data Collection- The Case of Land use Data Capture and Updating Tsai, Bor-wen and Ding, Tsu-jen 1997 22 53-65
The Status of Taiwan's Man-Made Fiber Clothing Industry in the International Division of Labor in the 1960s: An Analysis of Production-and-Marketing Relations Huang, Lee-chiu 1997 22 67-81
Approaches to Regional Geographies Wang, Chiu-yuan, Chao, Chien-hsiung and Ho, Chih-chung 1997 22 83-102
Old Maps and Urban Land Use Changes: The Case of Ca-La-A in Taipei Jou, Sue-ching and Gao, Chuan-chi 1996 21 1-38
The Formation and Analysis of Tourism Space in Taiwan: 1950-1995 Su, I-jhy 1996 21 39-64
The Spatial Relationships between Channel Bed Forms and Check-Dams- A Case Study in Chi-Chia-Wan Hsi Hsu, Mei-ling and Lai, Jien-seng 1996 21 65-82
A Comparative Study on the Interpolation of Digital Contours Lay, Jinn-guey and Wang, Huei-shiun 1996 21 83-94
The Configurations of Map Elements in Layout Design Chang, Chun-lan 1996 21 95-109
A Second Generation GIS Architecture Based on Simulated Cognition Chen, Ching-han and Sun, Chin-hong 1996 21 111-122