Journal of Geographical Science

Volume 1~20 :

Title Authors Year Volume Pages
Case Studies on Geological Disasters in Slopeland of Taiwan Shih-Chiao Chang 1985 12 63
A Framework for Evaluation of Slopeland Development Y. H. Fan 1985 12 123
A Study of Integrated Rural Development Programs and Regional Growth Strategies in Taiwan Chiu-Yuan Wang 1985 12 141
A Study of Attitudes and Behavior of Tourists in the Taroko National Park L. H. Chiang and L. S. Yang 1985 12 151
Spatial Variations in Cognition of Environmental Change – The Case of a Rural Settlement in Taiwan Chang-Yi Chang 1985 12 177
A Comparative Analysis of Resettlers’ and Non- resettlers’ Response to Environmental Changes –A Case Study of Shin-Chu Science-Based Industrial Park Chang-Yi Chang and Yung-Lung Yang 1985 12 193
The Spatial Pattern of Poliomyelitis Epidemics in Taiwan,1982 Chun-Lan Chang 1985 12 215
Petroleum Resources and Strategies in Mainland China Hung-Wen Wang 1985 12 239
An Analysis of the Changes of Resources Utilization and Their Environmental Impact on Te-Che Watershed in Taiwan C. Y. Chang, C. Y. Wang and I. Wan 1982 11 1
Route Study of the New Transisland Highway Shin Wang and Y. Y. Lin 1982 11 15
Ecological Analysis of the Natural Resources and Environment of the Watershed of Taipei Area Vallant T. Liu 1982 11 33
Feasibility Study on an Artificial Lake in Hsing-Chu Science-based Industrial Park Yii-Der You and Shing-Shing Hor 1982 11 63
Evaluation of Regulations Affecting Slopeland Development in Eastern Taipei Basin Y. H. Fan 1982 11 73
A Model Analysis for Slopeland Development in the Pakuashan Area,Taiwan Y. H. Fan and Y. S. Cheung 1982 11 101
An Analysis on Water Inflow of Major Reservoirs and Drought Occurrence in Taiwan in 1980 Y. S. Cheung 1982 11 115
The Geographical Environment and Out-Migration from Villages in Taiwan Lan-Hung Chiang 1982 11 125
Regional Problems in the European Community Manfred Kuder 1982 11 161
A Geographical Analysis of Agricultural Modernization in Communist China Hung-Wen Wang 1982 11 169
An Evaluation of Development Programs of Slopeland in Taiwan-A Case Study of Tsaochiao Community Chang-Yi Chang and Chiu-Yuan Wang 1979 10 1
Population in a Marginal Environment-the Case of Tsaochiao Agricultural and Pastoral Community Lan-Hung Chiang 1979 10 29