Journal of Geographical Science

Volume 1~20 :

Title Authors Year Volume Pages
Development of the National Geographic Information System in Taiwan Chin-Hong Sun 1990 14 101
Coastal Erosion and Deposition of Chang-Hua,Taiwan –By Using Multi-Date Remotely Sensed Imagery Shin Wang, Ming-Jang Lin and Fang-Jeng Pu 1990 14 109
Attempt to Investigate Social-Economic Impact and Change of Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park –Analysis of Population Related Factor is Composed of population Growth and Migration Chang-Yi Chang and Yung-Lung Yang 1988 13 1
Engineering Environmental Geological Investigation and Environmental Impact Assessment for Road Line in Mountainous Area S. C. Chang and S. J. Chyi 1988 13 45
An Investigation of Knowledge and Preference and Their Relationship to Socio-Economic Characteristics of Tourists in the Kenting National Park Lan-Hung Chiang and Yin-Yuh Liu 1988 13 73
The Climate of Taiwan’s Mei-Yu(Plum-Rain) Shan-Hsin Chiang 1988 13 93
The Development of Spatial Measurements in Settlement Patterns Chien-Hsiung Chao 1988 13 109
The Applications of Remote Sensing and Expert System Techniques on Geographic Information System Tshow Chu 1988 13 119
Shenchen Special Economic Zone –A Geographical Analysis Y. H. Fan 1988 13 131
A Study of the Cavernous Rocks in Yehliu Mei-Ling Hsu 1988 13 141
A Feasibility Study for the Development of the National Geographic Information System Chin-Hong Sun 1988 13 157
Agricultural Land Use Capability Analysis on Slopeland –An Application of Geographical Information System Chin-Hong Sun and Chun-Lan Chang 1988 13 175
A Query Approach for GIS Data Base Systems Design Bor-Wen Tsai 1988 13 189
A Study of Regional Development Theory and Policy –The Interaction of Cities and Regional Development Chiu-Yuan Wang 1988 13 205
Research on the Physical Geographical Characteristics and Land-Uses on the Loess Plateau Hung-Wen Wang 1988 13 215
Landscape Study in Yen-Liao Area Shin Wang, J. G. Lay, L. Y. Sheu, Fang-Jeng Pu 1988 13 223
Changing patterns of Mangrove in Taiwan Lyndon Wester 1988 13 237
Geomorphological Land Classification Shin Wang and Y. Y. Lin 1985 12 1
Fluvial Landforms of the Tahanchi and the Lanyangchi Areas and Their Significance in Recent Tectonic Movement T. L. Hsu and C. T. Lee 1985 12 27
The Physical Environment and the Fluvial Soil Properties- in Hou-Lung-Chi Watershed Mei-Ling Hsu 1985 12 35