Journal of Geographical Science

Volume 1~20 :

Title Authors Year Volume Pages
A New Design of a Geographic Data Supply Management System Applying Systematic Geographic Query Concepts Chu, Tzu-How 1993 16 87-101
Quantifying Soil Erosion on Slopelands in the Bajun Watershed, Taiwan Chiang, Shan-Hsin 1992 15 1-14
Decision Support System for Land Suitability Modelling- A Pilot Study Sun, Chin-Hong, Wang, Neng-Chau, Jang, Danny and Yang, Shih-Hsing 1992 15 15-23
Analysis of Slope Stability for the Burnt Area on Berkeley Hills Hsu, Mei-Ling 1992 15 25-39
Interpreting Environmental Ethics: Geography's Potential Role in Environmental Education Simpson, Steven V. 1992 15 41-47
An Over-All Plan for the Natural Resources and Ecological Data Base of the National GIS Chu, Tzu-How 1992 15 49-62
Slope Erosion of the Hoyenshan Area of Miaoli, Taiwan Lin, Jiun-Chuan 1992 15 63-79
Policy Analysis of Sand and Gravel Quarrying in the Lan-Yang River Chang, Chang-Yi and Huang, Chuang-Hong 1992 15 81-91
Geomorphological Analysis of Slope Stability Along the New East-West Trans-Island Highway Corridor Wang, Shin and Lee, Kuang-Chung 1992 15 93-107
An Application of GIS and Remote Sensing Interpretation for Land Use Analysis in the Shimen Dam Watershed Fan, Y.H. 1992 15 109-126
Marx and Engels's Conception of Urban Studies- A Historical Materialist Approach Chao, Chien-Hsiung 1992 15 127-146
Geographic Information System and Cognitive Science Tsai, Bor-Wen 1992 15 147-151
A Comparative Study of Land Use in Central Business Districts in Taipei- Case Studies of Shi-Men and Ding-How Commercial Areas Wu, Mei-Jen 1992 15 153-177
The Prime Environmental Policy Problem in Taiwan –A Study of Environmental Stress and Political Conflict Over Slopeland Development in the Te-Chi Watershed Chang-Yi Chang 1990 14 1
Landslides and Their Environmental Impacts in Northern Taiwan (1968-1986) Shih-Chiao Chang 1990 14 11
Assessment of Normal Monthly Evaporation in Taiwan Shan-Hsin Chiang, K. F. Lo, I. H. Liu and Yu-Cheng Chiang 1990 14 29
Applying Remote Sensing Techniques in Establishing A Nation-Wide Survey System for Land Use in The Taiwan Area Tshow Chu 1990 14 41
A Conceptual Framework for Relating Slope Land Use to Its Environment Y. H. Fan 1990 14 59
The Study of Factors Which Influence Residents’ Perception of Air Quality and Reaction Behavior Mei-Ling Hsu 1990 14 71
Resource Development and Adjustment Behavior –A Study of Mining Settlements in Pinghsi Rural Township Yin-Yuh Liu and Lan-Hung Chiang 1990 14 81