Journal of Geographical Science

Volume 1~20 :

Title Authors Year Volume Pages
A Study to Forecast the Changing Residential Functions: The Case of Ilan after the Completion of the Pei-I Freeway Jou, sue-ching 1995 18 131-150
The Rasterization Issue in GIS Tsai, Bor-wen and Ding, Tsu-jen 1995 18 151-159
Construction of a Classification Scheme of Remote Sensing Image Measures Applying a Linguistic Approach Chu, tzu-how and Lin win-shung 1995 18 161-175
Mechanism of Slope Failure and Slope Morphology in Semiarid Loess Areas Jane, Wen-Ling 1994 17 1-12
Spatial Analysis of Landform Development-Chokou River Wang, Shin and Lei, Hung-Fei 1994 17 13-31
The River Terraces of Liwu Creek Chyi, Shyh-Jeng 1994 17 33-45
Monitoring slope Ersion of Conglomerate Rock- A Case Study of the Hoyenshan Area, Mid-Western Taiwan Lin, Jiun-Chuan 1994 17 47-63
A Study of Inversion in Taipei Areas Chiang, Shan-Hisn, Lo, Andrew K. F., Liu, Fu-Chi 1994 17 65-76
The Use of GPS in GIS Applications Tsai, Bor-Wen 1994 17 77-85
A Comparative Study of Digital Terrain Models Lay, Jinn-Guey 1994 17 87-99
An Urban GIS Integration Plan- Kaohsiung City as the Study Area Chu, Tzu-How 1994 17 101-122
Policy Impact Analysis of Cement Industry on Eastern Regional Development of Taiwan Chang, Chang-Yi David and Wang, Wan-Bunne 1994 17 123-146
Patterns of Residential Differentiation in the Taipei Metropolitan Area Jou, Sue-Ching and Chan, Li-Fan 1994 17 147-168
The Early Development of Chinese Traditional Time-Space Structuring Chao, Chien-Hsiung 1994 17 169-183
Recent Advances in Medical Geography and Geographical Epidemiology Armstrong, R.W. 1994 17 185-194
A Study of Land-Use Change in the Chia-Nan Flood Plain Chiang, Shan-Hisn and Yu, Ching-Yuan 1993 16 1-20
A Study on Spatial Differentiation of Environmental Hazards Perception in the Coastal Region of the I-Lan Plain Chang, Chang-Yi David and Chou, Wen-Ling 1993 16 21-33
The Interaction of Living Spheres of Influence and (UN) Even Regional Development in Taiwan Wang, Chiu-Yuan and Chao, Chien-Hsiung 1993 16 35-59
Landscape Study of the Upper Reaches of Pei-Shi Chi Wang, Shin and Lee, K.C. 1993 16 61-73
Motivations for Outdoor Recreation Participation: A Cross-National Analysis of Taiwan, Japan, and the United States Carlton Yoshioka, Steven Simpson, Randy Virden 1993 16 75-85