Journal of Geographical Science

Volume 1~20 :

Title Authors Year Volume Pages
Physical Characteristics of the Drainage Basins of Taiwan Chiu-Yuan Wang 1974 8 73
On the Exploitation,Utilization and the Future of Energy Resources in Taiwan Hung-Wen Wang 1974 8 93
An Analysis of Rainfall in the Lanyang Drainage Area Li-Chu Huang 1974 8 131
One the Question of the Use of Cloud Brightness As an Indicator of Cloud Development S. P. Ho 1971 7 1
Climatic Methods for Estimating the Total Runoff of a River Basin Chiu-Yuan Wang 1971 7 14
A Study on Landuse of the Mountainous and Hilly Area in The Central Part of the Taiwan Island Hung-Wen Wang 1971 7 26
Investigation of Calibrating Methods of Meteorological Instruments Ken-Chuan Chou 1971 7 77
Stability of the Lower Atmosphere at Taipei,Taiwan Yu-Chin Kang 1971 7 93
The Physical Geography Foundation of Land Use in Hsinchu Tidal Land Lu-Ping Lee 1971 7 114
Geographical Environments to the Development of Animal Husbandry industry in Taiwan Hung-Wen Wang 1971 7 134
An Entropy Measurement of Highway Settlement Pattern L. H. Wang and C. Y. Wang 1971 7 186
Some Aspects of Shifting Cultivation in the Humid Tropics Chiu-Yuan Wang 1969 6 1
On the Structure of Baroclinic Unstable Long Waves as a Function of the Zonal Wind Profile Li Peng 1969 6 12
The Measurement of Evapotranspiration Ken-Chuan Chou 1969 6 34
Geographical Foundation of the Assam Tea Development Region in Nan-Tou Hsian Hung-Wen Wang 1969 6 63
On the Characteristics of Precipitation at Peng-Chia-yu,Peng-Hu and Lan-Yu,Taiwan Yu-Chin Kang 1969 6 98
The Physical Geography Foundation of Land Use in Linkow Tableland Lu-Ping Lee 1969 6 118
The Physical Geography Foundation of the Communications in Taipei Basin Lu-Ping Lee 1968 5 1
On the Characteristics of the Precipitation in Taiwan Yu-Chin Kang 1968 5 25
A Research and Discussion on Definite Precipitation Measurements Ken-Chuan Chou 1968 5 48