Journal of Geographical Science

Volume 1~20 :

Title Authors Year Volume Pages
Terrain Analysis of Shihmen Watershed Shin Wang, B. H. Lee and C. H. Sun 1979 10 43
An Analytical Study on the Efficiency of the Check Dams in the Watershed of Shihmen Reservoir S. C. Chang, M. L. Hsu and S. C. Huang 1979 10 73
Surveying the Submarine Topography of Coastal Waters for Fish Culture with Panchromatic Orthographic Photograph Y. H. Fan 1979 10 97
The Role Of the Sugar Industry in Taiwan’s Historical Development Jack F. Williams 1979 10 117
A Locational Analysis of the Development of the Kaohsiung Steel Mill Hung-Wen Wang 1979 10 137
Redistributed Population in the South-East Economic Region,England S. C. Wang and C. Y. Wang 1979 10 155
The Physical Geography Foundation of Land Use in the Taichung Basin L. P. Lee and M. S. Chai 1977 9 1
Landscape Preference Analysis-A Study of Values of Outdoor Recreation Among Chinese Students in Texas Chang-Yi Chang 1977 9 23
A Study of Age Structure in the Taipei-Keelung Region Lan-Hung Chiang 1977 9 39
Coastal Thematic Mapping by Density Slicing ERTS-1 Imagery of Western Taiwan Shin Wang 1977 9 53
An Analytical Survey of the Land Resources of the Upper and Middle Sections of the Keelung Valley Hung-Wen Wang 1977 9 69
Flood,New Towns,and the Development of Northern Taiwan Region Y. H. Fan 1977 9 87
The Land Utilization Analysis of Miaoli Slopeland Chiu-Yuan Wang 1977 9 95
A Geographical Analysis of Land Resource Utilization in the Taichung Harbor Special District Lu-Ping Lee 1977 9 109
A Study on the Growth of San-Chung City in the Last Ten Years Bor-Shiou Sheu 1977 9 123
Some Factors Affecting the Usage of Mass Transit in the Journey to Work in Metropolitan Areas S. C. Wang and C. Y. Wang 1974 8 1
The Geomorphic Foundation of the Transportation Routes Linking Suao and Hualien T. L. Hsu and M. S. Chai 1974 8 21
The Physical Geography Foundation of Land Use on the Western Slope of the Tatu Tableland L. P. Lee and M. S. Chai 1974 8 33
An Examination of the Distance Exponent of the Gravity Model and An Evaluation of Its Temporal Stability Lan-Hung Chiang 1974 8 51
Wandlungen in Der Landnutzung Des Beckens Von Taipei und Seiner Oestlichen Umrahmung Wilfried Koch 1974 8 63